Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am so overweight

I was doing well and hadn't seen Ana or Mia in months when a very skinny non-Western girl remarked on the fact that I'd put on weight and my cheeks had "puffed out" and my thighs were "now very big". It's true, I have put on weight - I got quite sick and didn't exercise in months, and that, combined with not seeing Ana or Mia, meant that I've stacked on the kilos. Last time I was weight I was 76kg, so by now I'd be 77 or even 78.

And at 163cm, that's just gross, although admittedly, luckily, most of my weight is in well-proportioned muscle, breasts and hips. So I'm saying hello to Ana and Mia again until I reach my goal weight of 45 kilos.

Today I woke up and had two coffees, a small curry, three thermos of green tea, most of a 2L bottle of diet coke, 2 diet pills, some pistachios, three carrots and - ugh I'm so ashamed - four single-serve low-fat tubs of custard. I also ate some icecream which I was smart enough to purge.

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