Sunday, September 26, 2010


(Inspired by a great blog, here)

"4. I want to run around in a bikini on the beach
5. I want my boyfriend to pick me up and carry me around with ease
6. I want people to tell me I'm skinny and call me the skinny one when I'm not around
13. I want to have bruises on my hipbones (when i was skinny I always got bruises there for some reason)
15. Most of all, I want to be envied by everyone who sees me."


I will reach my goal weight and enjoy running around in a bikini on the beach. 
The boy I like who I have been turning away because of how gross and fat I am right now, will be able to pick me up and carry me around, and I'll pretend I don't like it.
I will be the skinny Katerina.
I will get bruises on my hips again when I lie on the floor for too long. 
Everyone who sees me, will be jealous of me.

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