Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well exams are over...

But miss K has been having some naughty shenanigans with a lovely young fellow for about four days straight now... I'll update everyone later ;)


Stay skinny girls!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick update

I'm still buried in the muck-heap that is end of year exams.

But. Reductil is amazing. Ahmahzing. I don't know so much about kg loss but I have definitely noticed a difference clothing wise and I am just not hungry!

Anyway I was sitting down and I had to remind myself to buy something to eat anything that day (otherwise I get really lightheaded) and was eating this little thing of tuna - you know, six small slices? I had one, did some work had a few more, etc.

And then it occurred to me. That's what normal is. Or at least, what it should be - reminding yourself to eat, and then not really caring about the food, just eating at it during breaks.

It has messed up my sleep cycle SO much though! >.<

xx K

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey lovelies,

I'm still in the black hole of exams but I wanted all my americanas to watch this and pass it on if anyone they know is considering voting tea partiers/republican in the upcoming election.

Watch me!

Stay skinny everyone! I'll reply to comments etc once I've finished exmas.

K xx

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Study food

So. I have realised that I am a chronic devourer when it comes to study. As in, I feel like I study better with a cup of tea to absent-mindedly sip from as I write notes. Or a bowel of something to eat while I type with the other hand.

What are good suggestions for foods?
Something like popcorn, I'm thinking small pieces and preferably as low intake as possible? And low effort to make so it doesn't detract from study (exams, boo >=|)

Help me girlies! Also I will reply to everyones comments soon.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kgs to Pounds

For my lovely americana followers =)

I started off somewhere between 168 to 172 pounds, I'm going to assume 170.

And now I'm at 159... getting there! Hello the 150s! I want to get to 99/100.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


So that's a loss of 5 - 6kg in about 3.5 weeks. I am not unhappy with this but I'm not overly pleased. I'm really excited that I've lost 5 - 6kg and I feel it is somewhat noticeable and I am back to being more confident! But I wish it was going faster However, weight loss above 2kg a week is considered physically "unsustainable" in that your body will freak out and you will put the weight back on and/or find it much more difficult to lose weight in the future.

But I'm still 72kgs. And that's just gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. My BMI is 27.1. (Although thank god I don't look it!) I am a reasonably strong person - I can bench press 58kg free weights (just once or twice though), so I know a lot of my weight will be muscle - which unfortunately is denser/heavier than fat. Although that does mean I can be 72kg and have a lot of good guys being interested in me and be able to wear size 8 - 12 clothes, depending on the brand. 

I was looking down at my thighs when I was sitting down and got really annoyed. I have this distinct muscle and then to either side this flab of fat. It's like I can see my skinny legs trying to come through and then I have this flab weighing me down! I need to get back into running or pilates. Or just more yoga - I have not been keeping it up for months! 

Cinnamon - I went in to a yoga school the other day and asked if I could help out there and in return attend the classes for free (sort of like an apprentice teacher)... so let's see how I go :D. 

A.S. - mm I've been having some difficulty sleeping too. It's adjusted by now though and I am still so impressed with how pretty much absent my appetite is! 

Zette - Yes I love love love my tea. Russian Caravan, a cube of sugar (25 cal) + skim milk + a good book on a rainy night = Kat in heaven. I drink a lot of green tea, herbal tea though - and that's all plain without milk or sugar or anything. 

Roana - I ended up eating a fatty meal with a coffee then purging... the fruit would have been a good idea! I could have just said I had already brought my lunch in and then eaten fruit there. Damnit. Well that's a great suggestion for next time! 

Eva - thanks for the lovely comment! And I completely agree with you - once we're at our goal weights, then we can sort out everything else. 

xx Kat 

26 more kilos to go girlies! 15% of the way through.

Actually you know what? Scrap that. I am kinda pleased. I am getting there and I will continue to get there - 15%! 

This is the a reply to a post written about the facts of metabolism and weight loss, trying to clarify for people =)

I disagree entirely with the idea that if a women works out heaps she's going to get gross guy muscles; it is physically impossible for the average female to get the bulky muscles of a guy without protein shakes and/or steroid use. Most women are not doing any where near enough exercise; many female martial artists in China - skinny and feminine - are exercising 7 hours day, at least 5 days a week. Exercise speeds up metabolism so you have to have be more mentally tough to ignore the increased hunger pangs.

Sodium and potassium are necessary for the function of many body organs, like the heart. So even though it makes you retain water (which sucks), it's necessary. Adding a pinch to water will allow your body to absorb the water more quickly (helping to flush out your body + rehydrate more efficient) without causing too much retention.

Your body turns fat (lipids), carbohydrates (simple sugars and complex carbohydrates) and protein into energy. Its preference is for carbohydrates, specifically glucose, to allow cells to metabolise. Glucose is necessary for cell function. The next option is fat (making ketones, which it can do but takes more energy to do, and the last option is protein - yes, your body will eat away at itself if starved for long enough. This includes heart muscle. Bad. Fat is necessary to make many substances in your body, such as hormones.

However, your blood glucose level is held tightly regulated by the hormones insulin and glucagon. Insulin stores glucose into glycogen and stores free fatty acids as triglycerides whilst glucagon breaks down glycogen and causes the building of new glucose from fat, or failing that, amino acids, as well as breaking down triglycerides into free fatty acids (which can then be made into new glucose).

Stored fat is for protection against cold, against physical trauma, and as a storage for glucose. So that's why you get "fat" skinny people who, after chronically starving themselves, store fat, instead of lean muscle.

Insulin = storage, glucagon = burning. So we want glucagon.

High glucose causes a lot of damage in the body for various reasons, and so insulin rises after a meal to lower it.

Contrary to popular belief, low blood sugar does not make you hungry, there are other hormones and chemicals involved in that.

The difference between simple carbs and complex carbs refers to the chemical composition and more or less, the amount of bonds in the chemical. The more bonds, the harder it is to break, so the longer it takes to convert to glucose. This is what the glycaemic index refers to. A longer time/energy means there is a smaller spike in glucose levels, so extra insulin and other hormones are not produced, making complex carbohydrates the best option for any carbs.

Your metabolic rate is the measurement of the rate at which your body metabolises, or burns, energy.

Eating protein and weight training will increase this energy. Avoiding carbohydrates (especially simple carbohydrates) avoids increases in blood sugar levels leading to the production of insulin and thus storing as fat. You do need a little as some tissues in the body can only run for the long term on glucose. Eat a little fat instead of carbohydrates, as fats are necessary, and because a low blood sugar leads to the release of glucagon, which leads to the burning of stored fat. There are different types of fat and depending on the type some are also good for your arteries and maintaining your blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

To simplify these types, saturated fat is bad; unsaturated fat is good. Monounsaturated fat is ok but polyunsaturated fat is goodgoodgood and found in sunflower oil and fish oil.

Fibre in the gut is good for encouraging healthy bowels. Fruit and vegetables are good for fibre and vitamins, although unfortunately they tend to have high glycaemic indexes/be full of simple carbs.

So in summary, for weight loss, avoid carbs, take a fibre supplement, perhaps a multivitamin, include "good" fats, lift weights and eat protein.

Edit - essentially muscles, being denser, have a higher need to metabolise to keep working.

When you anaerobically exercise, your heart works harder and your blood flow changes and you use up first the glucose in your system, then the glycogen (which last 10 - 18 hours ish on a fast) and then starts converting fats. So when you go running, etc, you are using up your stores of sugar, then fat to maintain a sufficient blood glucose level whilst supplying the increased demand to various organs. After you stop, it takes a while for your metabolism to slow back down as your organs take longer to return to the pre-exercise level.This is why it can be difficult to sleep with weight loss drugs, caffeine or exercise at night (although there are other bits involved).

Weight lifting is mechanical stress which encourages muscle development. This may mean the development of new muscle cells or the strengthening of existing muscles - depending on age, other factors, etc. With new muscle cells, your bodies resting metabolic rate is increased as they require more energy to run at a baseline level. If you run with more muscle, your metabolic rate will be increased than running with less muscle.

There are various different types of muscle fibres, which people have a natural predisposition to one type or the other, although people have both and with training you can purposefully increase the amount of one relative to the other. This is what slow twitch vs fast twitch or endurance vs sprint, etc refers to.

Women are designed to survive whereas men are designed to die first to protect the species. So we store fat better and have better peripheral vision whilst they get to be physically stronger.

Also girls, I urge you all to check your vitamin d and calcium to check your bone density. To have enough calcium you need to have 4 servings a day of calcium rich foods. A serving is 1 glass of milk, 1 tub of yoghurt, 1 piece of cheese, 4 cups of broccoli, 8 cups of spinach or some (I think 1.5 or more?) cups of kale... and I know a lot of you vegans may not be eating 32 cups of spinach in a day!

Good exercises for your bones (if you are young i.e. under 50 ish!) are ones where you hit something hard enough to jolt the bones, which gives them stress to make sure they improve and maintain density. Examples are running, skipping, maybe even dancing.

*Edited again
The initial bulky look when you first start exercising is usually just due to the increased muscle on top of the pre-existing fat, keep at it and the fat will be used up until you are left with the muscle. I would advise weight training being the primary focus for the first 3 months, and then rotate to primarily aerobic training for a week or so after, then begin to integrate the two.

xx Kat

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I want all the weight to melt off me

I have had some of that 3 willow tea, some orange pekoe tea, 2 x cups of coffee with milk, water, orange juice and 1.5L water with low cal iced tea cordial. I'm not at all hungry and I feel alert. I have noticed the dry mouth side effect though!! It's just making me drink more though, which is a win - all in all!

Sarah, AnorexicMedic, thanks for commenting =) It's nice to know people are listening!! (/reading...)

Zette - it's coming into winter soon for you though, right? You have an excuse to be lethargic!! (But you won't be, cos your better than that)

Molly - yeah I was really worried I was going to get dodgy pills or something but having noticed all the side-effects I found on the internet, I'm taking that to mean the pills are what I ordered, lol.

A.S. - I know right! But lots of people have conditions that they don't know about, and some people don't understand that high blood pressure is really serious and so they don't take their meds and then if they're overweight and they find this drug that works well in increasing metabolic rate, suppressing appetite, that can lead to serious complications... so I guess that's why. But it's stupid! I'm healthy, athletic, young, my blood pressure is low if anything... and I can't buy it in the chemist! Did you get the hoodia coffee?

Good on you for signing up to Register4!

For all you Aussie girls - I would encourage you to sign up to Register4! It's research into breast cancer.

xx Kat

PS: I've been naughty with my solids fast lately (other than today), sneaking in tuna, baked beans, raw mixed nuts, and salted pistachios (diff things on diff days) - but I am going for today to be liquids only, tomorrow the same, and then Friday I will weigh myself *gulp*. Another uni lunch/meeting - they organised it at a cafe, ffs! I'm tossing up between pigging out a little (i.e. socially acceptable level) and then purging, although I don't know how long it'll be (under 2 hours) or just eating something healthy. The problem is this place really doesn't have much in the way of healthy. >.<

Wish me luck for my friday weigh-in! (If I don't post before then, lol)

Monday, October 25, 2010

I have definitely noticed a reduction in hunger

Which is good, because when I emotional eat I'm like hmmm kinda hungry kinda bored why not. But now it's just the kinda bored part, which is easier to deal with. I think I've noticed a bit more energy today too! (This is with Reductil, if anyone is signing in now) Actually speaking of which - welcome to my new follower =)

Loulou - haha I did the whole shaved head for cancer thing in January and I have like nooooo hair! So be thankful for the hair you have :P. I think fairy lights are always a gorgeous addition to a room, it reminds me of winter and rainy days and green trees .

Cinnamon - very good point! I guess so? Maybe a tablespoon or two of bicarb before and after a binge before purging?

A.S. - I am most certainly! Trying to get my tan on - and hoping my hair grows faster!! So will you get the hoodia after quarantine is finished with it? Is it not available in Australia? Backing was pulled due to the fact that people with pre-existing heart problems experienced further heart problems (it increases your body's basal metabolic rate, including heart rate, which is obviously a problem for people with bad hearts) that were worse than the weight loss would have benefited them. If that makes sense? No you don't get away so easily m'dear :P If you are overdue for the doctors, go there! I think it should take minimum 1 hour to go away with diabetes, if not longer. If they think it is anxiety just talk about stress from work/home/thinking about kids/etc to cover up the food thing (i.e. just say that you notice it is around meals when you are stressed)....

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!!

xx Kat

Got me some sibutramine/reductil

It's recently been unapproved by the FDA peeps so I'd been living in this fear of getting an epic fine for trying to import an illegal substance or something...

Basically it decreases appetite and increases thermogenesis so you both decrease intake and increase expenditure. Win.

Let's see how I go!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a nice day today

*ashamed but sneakily happy face*

I just had a sausage with white bread and a diet coke >.< damnit free BBQs!!

Hello to my new followers! I usually post more regularly, I swear!

"Rawwwwwwwwr" post
Miana - well you guys make it easy to be positive! Just keep going and going and going until all the flub is gone!

Isobel - haha. It's definitely a motivator ;-) - Especially on the party I was at on friday night. Sexual tension in the cab with my crush but OH NO I have to go home alone. ... ARGH!

A.S. - it's not really an injury that I get when I push myself hard. I have a mild form of connective tissue disorder which means my joints are all prone to sublaxation (I haven't had any dislocations yet, thank christ!)... but that knee has a ligament tear on top of the connective tissue thing so occasionally it goes nuts.

Happiness - it's really important to do both, imo. You get your metabolism burning much faster with cardio, but yeah it slows down gradually once you've stopped (a brisk 1 hour walk increases your metabolism slightly for the next 24 hours), whilst weight training increases your metabolic rate as you build muscle, although the actual training doesn't burn off that much. I think it's best to do the cardio in the morning so you speed up your metabolic rate in the day and do the weight training at night so your body can build new muscle as you sleep.

"Naughty miss K" post
A.S., Isobel, Goal Thin - I was naughty and ate and purged until all of it was gone... Man binging and purging is the worst coping mechanism ever!!

Miana - haha food porn! Unfortunately, probably somewhat like ana and mia I discovered real porn when I was quite young. I don't know if you mean partake as in watch or as in participate in... but I am not really against watching! Don't judge me >.<

Happiness - it's so silly! I am in debt paying off my flights for the yoga course and yet there have been days were I've spent 10 - 50 dollars on food just to purge! (I have regular income, but it means I'm paying it off wayy later + less money for clothes and sports :( - which is silly!!!!)

Lovelybones - Yeah that's it. Just keep on track. I get so tempted sometimes... but being a fatty is NOT worth it.

"I'm still here" post
Molly - it's getting there!! <3 missed you too. Hope everything is well with you! Keep it up.

Cinnamon - haha I'm envious of people who can't! It's such a risk to your heart, oesophagus and teeth. Not to mention wallet!! To be honest I think it's really important to stay away from laxatives as much as possible. They cause your intestine to become lazy, more or less, which can lead to necrosis and having to have it removed, which can cause all sorts of problems like faecal incontinence and malabsorption... not nice!

Keep it up ladies! We will get there =)

Also... teehee this is my 69th post.
And why yes, I believe I am sexually frustrated.

I'm still here lovelies

I'll reply to everyones comments in my next post.

I couldn't throw away all the delicious binge/purge food that I bought, in fact I bought more spreads and foods and binged/purged tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Had a bit of a sugar wobble afterwards on thursday so I ate, and also ate on friday and today.

Friday I had a 25th party and ate and drank wayyy too much there... and I've pretty much been consuming my body weight in food and drink today. But! It's all healthy, so at least that's a plus. Drinking some lax tea so we'll hope that I don't put everything straight back on as a result of these three days!

My knee is still going nuts! But as a side note, the doctor has given me a medicine that basically stops your stomach from producing as much acid as normal - it's so that I don't get an upset stomach with everything I am on for my knee right now. What I have noticed is that it makes purging so much easier! Well, kind of not because it's not as well digested so it's lumpier, (sorry for the TMI) but it doesn't at all burn or leave my throat sore.

Random plus!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am having a knee assessment again on monday so fingers crossed I'll have some improvement!

xx from hungover Miss K!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Naughty Miss K!

I was naughty. I binged on 2 x pork chops, 1 x subway chicken parmigiana wrap, some bread with jam, 1 x baked berry bar thing and purged. I then took my evening dose of meds... and a little tin of oysters, carrots dipped in natural yoghurt and some mixed raw unsalted nuts.

Damniiiiiiiiit I only made it 5 days without purging.

And now because I took my meds I can't purge the oysters, carrots, nuts so I have spoiled my solids fast. *sigh*

I am drinking some diuretic tea + laxative tea now so hopefully that'll help undo some of the damage.

The problem is I have bread left over, plus 2 minute noodles and the pecorino from a week or so ago that are sitting in the fridge tempting me! I kind of feel that because I binge/purged today I should just eat and throw up all that then I'll have a nice fridge and no temptations.

But that's silly because I have a little studio flat near a whole bunch of cafe's so even if the temptation is here or out there, it'll still be right under my nose.

Hmph. *sulks and drinks tea*

Best of luck lovelies.

Monday, October 18, 2010


The meal replacement shakes are yum, and work out to ~130 cal/serve. And I feel so full afterwards!

I am feeling really frustrated about the knee thing. I'm usually pretty active to to be stuck hobbling around is bloody frustrating! I want to binge/purge but god knows what that'd do with all the meds floating around in my stomach right now.

No change in weight, even more frustrating.

I think I will order a pair of jeans though to help with motivation! Any suggestions of brands?

Haha I'm the opposite Cinnamon, A.S. - I'm quite proud of my booty and I have a small waist. Although oddly enough it's my upper thighs that are the maximum diameter rather than my hips, which is new this year for me and weird. (I was running consistently for the first time in ages, and that happened :S). So must jeans marketed for curves fit me pretty well. ^.^

It seems like a lot of you girls find it helps you. Yayyyyyyyy :D

Thanks for commenting everyone, and hello to my new followers!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Motivational clothes?

A.S., you are so uplifting and motivational. It's good especially when I've felt stoned this weekend (legally kids!) due to all the painkillers etc.

I did have a splurge on some popcorn but hey, it's just popcorn and it was from a stall and no added fat/preservatives/etc. But back to my solid fasting tomorrow!

In case you Aussies/Americanas didn't know - the AUD and the USD are equal. So I'm thinking about buying a tiny little pair of American jeans to keep around the place to motivate myself. Good idea? Bad idea?


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh and...

I thought this "anti-binge" video was excellent.

Watch here. I really want to know what that song is too.

It's from here. Follow her.


PS: What do we think of the new look for the blog?

Dissolution by C.J. Sansom is quite a good book.

Yumm I love these meal replacement shake things. 5 bucks says I manage to put on weight drinking them.


Today I've had one of them, plus a little mini drinking yoghurt (probiotic), some pecorino, some raw mixed nuts and some dried apricots.

Work was a bittttch hobbling around and I am so very sick of the pain!

Cinnamon: Thanks hun. I love that quote. So you have IBS do you? How does that affect your dieting, out of interest?

A.S. Thanks! I am behind in commenting on two of yours posts, but I'll get there =) Replied to your email to. I think. I was pretty drug-hazy though, lol.

Happiness - thanks for the comment! I'm now following you - I saw one of your posts talking about support etc., from the community, just find blogs you like and comment away and you'll have heaps of supporters soon. And yeah, it's a pretty sucky thing to stop but it's definitely something that motivates me! Haha... And also, the idea of fat sex absolutely disgusts me. My guys are either really ripped athletes or quite slender and well, if that's not motivation there, I don't know what is. ^.^



Hey lovelies, thanks for all your kind words =)

My stomach hurts with all the different drugs I am not now. On Cinnamon's suggestion I bought some meal replacement shake powder and by golly gumdrops that's amazing. I was embarrassed to be looking at that shelf so I just grabbed the first one I saw instead of comparing the different calories etc in them, so mine is pretty high in cals but oh well!

Today I have eaten six of these Italian dish style things, rice and vegies in a sort of batter/crumbing. Hugely not so good for you but I drank the laxative, diuretic tea and to be honest, it kind of cheered me up to have a little binge. I also ate 2 x small tins of tuna, some dried apricots and some pecorino cheese, as well as the meal replacement shakes, x2.

I have a regime of tablets to take which sucks and makes my stomach upset (and yes, I know the laxative, diuretic teas wouldn't be helping), so I think my goal through this stage will be first and foremost protecting my stomach - i.e. calorie intake and absolutely no purging until I'm off the meds.

Hello and welcome to my new followers =)

Comment replies:
"I feel great":
A.S. - I have THE most bizarre cravings too sometimes! I went through a vinegar phase too! Although once I had wayy too much and well *cue nausea, vomiting*

Sarah: yes they are, aren't they! I'd never really appreciated them before but I think if I am forced into going out for a meal I'm going to order a dish with croutons. Yup.

Cinnamon: Excellent suggestions. I think when I have finished with the teas + meal replacement shakes, I am going to make juice/shakes with various herbs etc. The bloating link is useful but I think it's important to differentiate between bad bloating - i.e. sorbitol, lactose vs good bloating with fibre, which will lead to bloating at the time related to the bowel motions but once it's been excreted the stomach should be flatter than before.

A.S., Cinnamon, Skinny Business: Thanks for your thoughts =)

Miana - I am so not happy about having to take a billion and one meds a day - and yeah, I'm hoping my weight loss doesn't get too messed up! I'm on valium, amongst other things and given my work outs are usually quite strength based I'm worried about the impact the muscle relaxant properties will have... *sigh*.

Have a lovely Saturday all!


Friday, October 15, 2010


Bleaaaaaaaaaaaargh. The knee injury that did me out of sports has flared up big time. I have been advised to rest, relax and eat healthily. I'm on pain killers galore and feeling SO tempted but I really don't want to have to binge/purge with the pain killers. If I could eat I'd have a dark green leafy salad with slices of pecorino cheese, and then some tuna. And some yoghurt for dessert.

Nomnomnom. Instead I'm going to go hobbling in search of drinking yoghurt.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I feel great

73.5 kg (slow but I'm getting there), so that's another .5 lost from a while back (or 1.5 from my last weigh in)  - but more importantly my stomach is as flat as it used to be and I feel great. I think I must have been retaining a lot of water.

Thank you all for your comments, hello to Sara (I am now following you), and welcome to my new followers =) I'm Kat, I'm Aussie and I'm studying pain perception as part of my honours right now. And I put on a lot of weight after injury/illness this year and will get rid of it all and fit back into my clothes again... and keep going until they are loose!

Comment replies:

Done work post:
Cinnamon - fantastic idea about a meal replacement shake and drinking yoghurt, I didn't even think about them! I would worry with a meal replacement shake that I'd literally just drink a HUGE tub of it. Drinking yoghurt is amazing though, can you get it in Australia  ?

About Me post:
Skinny business - personally, I am just attracted to individuals, the gender doesn't particularly bother me. I do fully plan on marrying a male and having kids though! I always worry that when I tell people I am bisexual they'll think that I want to hit on them, or that I'm doing it for attention, or that I'm doing it as a cover for being a lesbian. No, no and no! Haha.

Miana - haha ok! Well I hope you get there one day! It's very neatly organised. It's the porn and ecstasy capital of Australia, apparently - possibly due to how otherwise boring it is. It has its own charm and beauty though so I would still recommend going.

Health Store post:
A.S. - lovely comment, as usual. I like you too! I guess it's a choice between fibre content and calorie count. I mean full fat soy milk probably has higher calories than plain tuna in brine. For me, I am differentiating it on the basis of fibre, which stretches the stomach etc, and when a stomach goes back from being stretched to normal, the brain is stimulated to feel hungry.

Cinnamon - the interesting thing is that bacteria in the bowels is healthy and normal, however with small changes they can get out of control and cause a lot of issues, and if they travel to different parts of the body, the same happens. I really feel like I need to detox a bit and just do cleansing along with solids fasting so I think the teas will help. So I think it's kind of a modified detox diet?

Miana - I know, I'm pretty bad for writing lots of little posts... but this way you guys can just read a quick one here and there... right?! I do adore teas. So good for you, too!

Ana Gaia - That appetite suppressant tea sounds great! This may sound pretty silly bit I'm almost considering doing a herbology (or whatever it'd be called) type course at the local new age store to learn about all the different herbs etc and their uses. And the best thing about the placebo effect is that it means it doesn't matter if the drugs work or not as long as you think they do... there was a really interesting study done where the actually operated on some people's knees whereas the other group just got anesthetised, wheeled into the OR, the surgeons pretended to operate and played a video on the screen showing another knee operation and months later the pain and improvement levels were the same!

Diet Amendment:
All of you: You know what? I did not even think about straining out the crunchy bits or just avoiding them. DAMNIT. Blonde moment! Gotta say I enjoyed the little croutonny things though! Haha.

I just wanted to remind everyone to be sure to include some potassium in their diets too! That's where a lot of ana/mia girls seem to be stuffing up. You need it if you want your heart to keep on track!    

And although sodium is the devil for bloating, it is important for helping to maintain blood pressure. I don't quite know how that works but I know a little bit is necessary every now and then. I am glad that you girls are reminding me to check the sodium content because I am pretty sure there was wayy too much to have more than one or two of them a day! 

I hope everyone has a great day - get out there and get skinny!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am amending my diet

To include cup a soups. Taking the diuretic tea puts me at risk of low potassium... which is pretty much balls for a lot of function. Ergo, cup-a-soups. Not solids, but the little floaty bits kinda are.

Hello to my new followers and thank you for commenting my trusty girls! I'll reply in my next post.

The lure of the health food store

I stocked up on teas! Yay =)
Drinking the 3 Ballerina Tea now and it is delicious.

Obviously I won't take all of them at once or even long term but I thought they'd be a nice way to boost weight loss/get rid of water weight, and also to help with detoxing. 

Thanks A.S. ... I've known exactly who I was for as long as I can remember.

I think blended fruit + water is a liquid as long as it's finely blended without chunks. Yoghurt is just curdled milk though?


About me from Goal Thin

#1: I don't when I discovered Ana and Mia or why but I loved people saying how great I looked and I'm going to get those compliments back!
#2: I've never cheated on a boyfriend although I did once on a potential boy and still regret it. I have been the other woman once, and also hooked up with a married with kids well known Australian man.
#3: I love the way food tastes and smells and feels.
#4: I hate the way I can eat endlessly and the way I look afterwards. 
#5: I'm bisexual.
#6: I've had sex with 11 men.
#7: All I really want to do all day is physical activities - surf, walk, run, hike, fight, fuck and all I want to do all night is read, watch movies and play computer games. I should be a soldier and instead I'm doing honours. 
#8: I really don't think I know how to be normal.
#9: I'm an introverted extrovert.
#10: I blame my parents and the fact I was smart enough to realise purging made me lose weight quicker than a diet. 

Would love to hear from you, lovelies.

Well I got all my work done for this morning...

Got excellent marks for it too. Sweeeeeeeeet. Was up until 12:30 but schmeh!

Cinnamon - hope you had a good night's sleep!

A.S. - you certainly don't comment too much! Also you should get it checked out because if it's something caused by dry eyes that's easily fixed, and if it's got a more serious cause, you will also be able to get it treated before permanent damage is done.

Miana - haha thank you for both comments =). You do know canberra is nowhere near the sea, right? And yeah, Australia is an amazing place - we have great beaches and everyone is pretty much laid back, especially Queensland/Adelaide/Perth/Darwin/Hobart. Hobart is cooler weather but has a really cool European vibe. Sydney and Melbourne are still quite Aussie but more wound-up.

Ana Gaia - I am so glad that was helpful to you! You have no reason to feel guilty because of that. It really makes me furious that pro-lifers who clearly don't understand embryology feel free to cause women so much grief with false statements like that, especially when it is hard for someone with a non-medical background to understand why it's not true.


May go see a movie now as a reward for my mark... To popcorn or not to popcorn?!
(Have since decided not to - I would rather go outside and sit with a book in the sun and get my tan on)

Also - what I have been having has been coffee with plenty of lactose-free milk, tea with the same, orange juice, cranberry juice and WATER. The occasional boost, iced coffee, freshly squeezed juice too.

Lovelies - yoghurt. Solid or no?

Gosh girls where are you?!

I'm procrastinating. Update blogs, leave comments?! Or else I'll actually get stuff done tonight!!! *gasp* =)

A.S.: Probably not, it comes on after like 10 - 15 years of uncontrolled DMII. But go get a check up anyway, please?

Cinnamon: Haha no no I was just really confused. And you don't have Asperger's or you wouldn't be leaving such lovely comments on everyones blog =) (that's based on Asperger friends of mine and absolutely is not intended to upset anyone with it)


Yoghurt and Fast-in(g)to the 60s.

Solid or liquid, for fast purposes? Just curious. Like A.S. I have decided to fast until I'm in the 60s. Good goal; achievable. 

Thank you to my new followers =) 26 already!!

And to begin my epic comment replies! Firstly, thank you all for commenting so much!!

"Vegetable Juice" post:
A.S. - haha I think my relationship with my physical self is like a mother with a child. Alternatively proud, inpatient, and hoping for the best. Not hating though!!

"Losing the plot a little" post:
A.S. - hmm. I know of nothing good that screws up your vision, but I am by no means a medical professional of any sort! High blood pressure, neurological issues like a space occupying lesion, "natural" changes like becoming short or long sighted, cataracts... and the big whammy: high blood sugar. But that only usually happens with diabetics! The other thing it could be would be dried eyes, contact lens issues, or a psycho-somatic thing - like, your mind is convincing you there is something there... Haha tbh, I wish I was in your boat. Purging is so awful to your body - it's really dangerous for throat cancer, not to mention losing teeth, etc.

Miana - to be honest, blood work shouldn't be that altered with fasting. If he is measuring your sugar levels, just make sure you have had a juice before hand and tell him about it if it's high glucose. For the biochemical results, make sure you have taken a multivitamin, and if iron studies are being done, make sure the vitamin includes iron. Uric acid can increase with fasts, but again, shouldn't really do so with juices but if you have had an issue with that look up a "gout" diet to cheat that.

Cinnamon: Thank you m'dear, I have no idea how well I did - *sigh*, uni. I am confused though, did I imply you were in the arts faculty or something ? :S

"Abortion petition" post:
A.S.: yes, me too! I can't believe most of australia is otherwise!

Liz: exactly! The government has no business forcing a woman to incubate something - it's HER body!

Miana: I am so jealous!! Where are you going?

Cinnamon: HAHA! I think I will select my burning outfit now. Just so I am ready... when the time comes.

Eva: Thank you for your comment, glad to hear from you! I really like knowing I have all you guys here keeping me on track towards my goal of 45kgs!

Ana.Gaia: I hope you read this comment... but thank you for sharing. Your post made me really angry at how you were treated! I cannot believe you were told all that! I was given the link from one of my medical student cousins in Adelaide and she told me that even from second year they are taught about "Post abortion grief syndrome" (apparently abortion can be "spontaneous" - which is what we call a miscarriage or "medical" - with RU486 or "surgical" - both of which we call terminations, the choice of which depends when in pregnancy it's needed), and that there is a whole counselling algorithm to help women after an abortion. 

I cannot believe you were told that it would be physically painless when doctors warn women before they get IUDs for contraception that they may experience cramping (normal) for up to 3 months, although at 7 weeks, an embryo/foetus/whatever you call it, is actually less than 2cm long, and so smaller than an IUD. 

Now, regarding the feeling of pain by a foetus. This is a somewhat tricky subject; but one which relates to my honours degree so I hope to clarify this for you - and for anyone else who is interested. First and foremost, that a concrete time at which a foetus can feel pain has not been established. Pro-life groups often mistakenly assuming certain reflexes are indicators of this. 

For instance, the deep tendon reflex called the "Babinski" reflex involves running a pointy-but-smooth object (picture the end of a rounded car key or a clicky top pen) is run firmly from the bottom of the sole of the foot, around the outer edge, and kind of over the top, finishing somewhat underneath the big toe. Do this to yourself; it does not hurt, but it the movement of your toes is evidence of a nervous system. These reflexes are present before the brain develops enough to feel "pain" as we refer to it (and after that ability is lost); but that test will let us know if there is some function at all, so it is done on coma patients, etc.

So this type of nervous system is not, and I repeat not, evidence of the ability to perceive pain. Pain is actually quite an advanced sensation that requires several areas of the brain to interpret, and these areas and the pathways on which the pain impulses need to travel are not actually fully finished until the 37th week. 

"In studies in animals, Ralston found that somatosensory neurons of the neocortex respond to peripheral noxious stimuli and proposed that "it does not appear necessary to postulate a subcortical mechanism for appreciation of pain in the fetus or neonate."47 Thus, human newborns do have the anatomical and functional components required for the perception of painful stimuli. " Here.

However, for the purpose of anaesthesia, I believe it is used in foetal surgery from the 24th week onwards? I could be wrong there. I don't know if you have felt guilty because you thought you caused pain, but there is no reason to think that you did. Obviously your own physical and emotional pain is a different issue entirely and I wish you the best of luck dealing with it.

Lastly, you should have been told all this and I think it is fantastic that you can still support abortion even though you had this horrific experience. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

So a woman in Australia will be charged for having an abortion... In this day and age?!

How awful. Whatever your personal view is, I urge everyone to sign this - abortion is a personal choice and it should always be an option.

Australian women - please sign this petition.

I lost the plot a little bit yesterday lovelies!

Kinda. Anyway I sort of had a spare hour or so and I was really bored/hungry and walking past a servo... So I (naturally?!) decided to buy easy mac (microwavable macaroni and cheese), pringles, popcorn and a mars bar. And I ate it all... then purged it all.

The problem is is that those foods are all high carb and also particularly high glucose. So I ate them all, then by the time I had eaten everything and purged, my pancreas had released a shit load of insulin to uptake all this glucose that was (at the time) floating around in my system. However once I purged, I got rid of all that glucose and WHAMM cue high-insulin, low glucose. Some of you anas or mias would be familiar with the feeling, you get sweaty, shakey, you have a tremor and you really, really need to eat. (It's all physiological)

So... I ate fruit in natural syrup (a shit load, like 1kg I swear), then an apple, then a yoghurt, then a tin of tuna, all between like 7pm and 10pm. DAMNIT.

So I have another assessment piece due tomorrow so I have decided that even though yesterday was pretty much shit I will still eat a little bit. I finished off the packet of goji berries (less than a handful) and if I have to, between now and the assessment being turned up I will allow an apple, and up to three things of tuna or yoghurt (i.e. 1 x tuna, 2 x yoghurt or whatever, max, between now and tomorrow arvo)... THEN BACK TO FASTING.

>.< I was at 75ish this morning but I think I should disregard that given my epic binge the night before.

Miana - accidental health definitely = win.

Cinnamon - arts faculty?! huh?? And lol yes we have done the vodka watermelon. Personally I'd rather drink the vodka inbetween eating the watermelon, but hey. It was fun.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

I just had the most delicious vegetable juice

Living nearby where I can get freshly squeezed juices for $5? Win.

Today I have had that veggie juice, then coffee, then some sweetened milk. Random, I know. I also woke up in the middle of the night really thirsty so I went downstairs and drank cranberry juice and water... that teaches me for not being adequately hydrated yesterday!

Comment replies:
Miana - well, good Italian chocolate isn't exactly available everywhere, whereas I'll gorge myself on watermelon anywhere, anytime... which is frequently, lol. I remember once reading that you can technically lose weight eating a mars bar a day... so it doesn't really matter that what I like to eat is healthy, because I am eating so damn much of it, ya know? **I mean used to. Because I'm going to be skinny now**

Ana Gaia, glad you enjoyed it!! For me it was like wow I look better. Although my shoulders look disproportionately large on the second one. >.<

Cinnamon - a watermelon party sounds like the most amazing, whimsical idea ever!

A.S. - glad to see you posted it! I hope you are seeing by the comments how much we all care! The goji berries are ok, the health benefits are over-hyped though. So I would say possibly not worth the money, unless you get them dirt cheap from a health food or chinese herbal store?

Today I ate

Peanut butter (6 teaspoons :( )
Pink lady apple
2 x small cans of tuna
The new type of vegemite with cheese (2 teaspoons)
Natural yoghurt
Some dried unsweetened goji berries

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cool virtual weight loss website

Here. Upload a photo then play with the weight... I found it to be excellent motivation.


Meals for yesterday: I am contemplating giving up on the fasting from solids on the weekend. Maybe. Or maybe just one day a weekend? Not sure. Anyway, what I ended up eating yesterday:

2 x small tubs yoghut
1 x pear
Some dried apricots
2 x small tins tuna.

I'm still madly hanging out for the watermelon though! Haha.

Comment replies:
A.S.: Yeah for sure email it to me! Just let me know what you are wanting me to find when I look at it (like, take out identifying stuff or grammar or just an overall impression?)

Miana: YUM italian chocolate. What a specific and high-class craving, I am impressed!

Cinnamon: Are you kidding? If someone said I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, vitamins etc., aside, there is a high chance it would be watermelon.

Enjoy your Sundays, girls!



It's tempting me. I know I said I wouldn't eat on the weekends but I feel like I need to make up for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. To eat or not to eat? I don't particularly want to purge watermelon - it seems like a waste. Although twice the taste, minimised calories?! (That's a dark joke but a joke nonetheless, in case anyone doesn't get my bizarre sense of humour)

Thank you for your lovely comments, A.S. and Cinnamon! You girls keep me motivated!


Friday, October 8, 2010

It's good when clothes slip on

The last time I wore my work skirt was before I got quite sick (I was somewhat around 65 - 70kg) it fitted really nicely, and when I put it for the first time, though to a fortnight ago (just before I started fasting), it was overly snug and I pulled a few stitches by the zip doing it up. (It's a high waisted, box pleated skirt)...

Anyway I just put it on then and it was easy and almost as loose round the waist as it was wayy back at those weights. So that was a nice start to my morning =)

Thank you and welcome to my new followers! And thank you to everyone who has commented.

Also: A.S. Welcome back!!

Cinnamon - I know what you mean, it was just that the guy's grandmother had made scones for everyone... I couldn't not! 

Ana - yeap I am exactly the same! (I am legitimately broke most of the time too!) I usually say "I'm sorry guys, neither my waistline nor my wallet can handle that!" (And when they laugh and reassure me I don't need to lose weight... "Ok you've got me, it's just that I'm broke!") I thought the salt water cleanse was very good, for me the second one in two days definitely produced more results. I felt really thirsty after them though, and quite bloated. However this may be due to the fact that I didn't have sea salt and used iodized salt, I can't remember what iodine is in terms of tonicity, but it may have thrown off the result by meaning that I absorbed more? I would recommend it over laxatives though, definitely.

Eliena - oh!! I thought it was just me - like I'm so paranoid being this fat person with food all over her face! So I always wipe my face, etc... You know I bet all of us on here are the same, haha. Good point with the water.. do you know how soon after a salt water cleanse you can drink?

Jenny - cheers. It just seems easier though sometimes, right?

Maggie - you can make it yourself though :P But yeah I know what you mean about the shakiness, it sucks sometimes, especially at uni or work when you need steady hands!

xx Kat

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I know a lot of people here have the "social calorie allowance" i.e., they fast and restrict but eat "normally" in public... I may have done that today with a scone in a meeting. Feeling a little naughty but it was delicious, and just with jam so no unhealthy cream etc.

I felt nice and thin this morning, which is good - with the salt cleanse I felt really bloated (although also clean and light, somehow), and so this is the first morning that I've had a flat tummy again. I think I read something about people being sure to take diuretics or cranberry juice if they use laxatives/do cleanses, can anyone help me out there?

I have work early tomorrow...  I am SO looking forward to watching movies tonight, going to bed at like 7 or 8 and getting some sleep! (Wooo I'm heaps cool guys!)

Cinnamon - that's so funny, the idea of avant-garde sushi eating. I love sushi - I can eat seaweed by itself! It's healthier with brown rice than white, etc. Lots of people don't like either the seaweed part of it or the raw-fish part of it; if you don't like the former try the rolls without seaweed and if you don't like the latter, you can probably try the cucumber/avocado options?

Maggie - yeah that's true, I just wanted to fast especially after having eaten the cheese and apricots the other day. But I didn't want to be shakey etc., in my speech! But a great reminder that at least the sushi side of it was healthy.

Oh yes, and welcome to my new followers =) Glad to have you onboard! 

Sushi roll and a mini sausage roll

Oh noes! Other then that, I stuck to my fast. But I was in a really long meeting - literally, 6 hours (with break)... the meal break got me and I had a piece of sushi and a party-sized sausage roll. Mowww ... Maybe I really just like rolls?! 3 hours later so there's no chance I can purge :( boo.

Cinnamon - not an instructor, I just get training in it. Maybe one day though!! Haha. Publish  your recipes woman!

Ana - what a lovely comment! I hope you are managing your issues you were blogging about, hun.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey lovelies

My meeting went well yesterday! Before it I ate an apple and a yoghurt but I'm afraid after it I lit a celebratory joint... and well omnomnom to pecorino cheese and dried apricots (naturally). I did break my fast but I think I will fast on either Saturday or Sunday to make up for the difference. (And booyah I felt GREAT last night)

Has anyone tried the "one food" diets? Like where you can only eat one food full stop? Because I could seriously consider doing that with watermelon or mangoes or something. Also great news guys, I booked tickets to go get my next yoga qualification in Thailand in December/January/February. Must be skinny by then!

Also, I would like to comment on the use of soy products. There is a link with consumption and weight loss, but there is also a massive link between consumption and weight gain, comparing Asian countries that consume a lot vs little, vs Western countries that consume a lot vs a  little.

How is everyone going?

Thursday is my weekly weigh day but because I ate last night I don't want to weigh myself today! I want to be at  70kgs SO bad.

By the way, I just feel I should share that I am from Melbourne. I'm studying honours in a health related field, hence my vague and random array of medical information. Anyway I am thinking about trying out for cheerleading. I've always wanted to do it!

Comment replies:
Miana, how is the LDD going? Are you drinking the teas/salt water cleanses? I did another one after binging and purging on monday, and boy the second one had way more impact. I felt so bloated afterwards though.

Claire, if you are losing weight without fasting, I would probably not bother? For me, I have a lot of trouble with portion control - I love food. I also love exercise and jumping around but not enough to counter the first part. So to stop me binging/purging as a weight loss tool, I find it easier to fast, but that does mean my metabolism will slow down, so if I felt I could lose weight another way I would take it.

Zette - I never used to be able to stand it! But my god does it grow on you! And as Cinnamon said - packed full of B vitamins so it is so great when you are hungover.

A.S.: I just know you are doing well on your trip and I want to hear all about it when you get back!

S: thank you so much for the lovely comment! I've just been looking at your "Beautiful Pin Up" Blog - and wow, it's beautiful. Keep it up!

Cinnamon - I think you should use Photobook or something to make a book of your beautiful recipes. Not really related to your comment, but you should!

Ana: thank you =). Great work with the SGD by the way.

Oh and a warm welcome to my new followers! Means a lot to have all of you here to support me.

Stay slender!


Monday, October 4, 2010


... and boredom make me eat.

Not that I've eaten today! But I did have some Thai peanut sauce (with hot water, to make it into a soup)... and that did degenerate into a few teaspoons of it, straight. It's watery enough that I'm considering it liquid, damnit... heh.

Thank you all for the comments and for wishing me luck for tomorrow! Eek I'm nervous! And hello and welcome to my new followers =)

Cinnamon - the vegemite soup sounds good... but they have a new vegemite that has cheese in it here, and I can literally eat it straight. (Or maybe that was just because I was REALLY hung over and my body was craving B vitamins like nobody's business...)

Haha. Anyway it's a nice day today so I am going to sit outside and get my notes sorted!

Stay skinny, lovelies!

Stock soup + Comment replies

I can't remember who first suggested putting stock into hot water to make a "soup" that's ok for a fast, but that was a brilliant and amazing suggestion.

Miana - damn straight I love dried fruit! Dried apricots, mangos and apples. Well, I love fruit pretty much in any way, shape or form I can get it. Actually I think that's me with most types of food - I can eat a lot of anything, given half a chance... hence I'm abstaining from solids! Haha. I'll let you know about the lemon detox diet, hopefully I will do it next week but I have to work around uni and not being detoxy there.

Thank you for your lovely comment Zette!

And thank you too Cinnamon! This one will probably be a little harder but now that I've discovered the stock-in-hot-water trick, maybe a little easier?!

A.S., they're for weight loss... The OXYtum pills are laxatives and the 30day tablets contain both supplements and betaglucans, which boost the immune system. Click here for the wiki.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

"30 days" + OXYtum pills

Just in case you were interested, the pills I am taking:

"30 days"
30 Days(tm) Proprietary Blend
Schizandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis)
Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) (seeds)
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract 4:1
Artichoke Leaf (Cynara scolymus)
Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale)
BetaRight(R) 3 - 6 (beta 1, 3/1, 6 glucan naturally derived from Saccharomyces cerevisae)
Other ingredients: Microcystalline Cellulose (Plant fiber), Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silica, HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose)

Magnesium Hydroside, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoides

Putting off the lemon detox diet

Hi girls =)

Thanks for commenting/following me, it means a lot that you guys have my back when I'm feeling a little tempted!

Anyway, for yesterday I had: apricots, chickpeas with tomato, a banana, two tubs of yoghurt, some nuts and two carrots. Then there was that unfortunate affair with the tuna mornay and rice which I binge/purged, followed by a salt cleanse.

I have a fairly important meeting on Wednesday so I am going to put off the lemon detox diet until next week so I'm not filled with toxins and finding it difficult to pay attention/etc. Sorry Miana!

So this week I will be going back to abstaining from solids, but I will be allowing myself coffee, tea etc., and milk will be allowed again. My goals will be to cut down on my binge/purging, and if I do, I will have to do a salt cleanse after it. I will allow myself at most a tub of yoghurt, small serving of tuna and a piece of fruit on Wednesday, *if* I feel I need it.

Lauren - maybe if you want some added motivation, think of something you want to do for yourself? New haircut, shoes, small holiday, dvd collection?

A.S. - I know you're finding it tough today and I've already commented on your blog but if you swing by here... stay strong! You can do it.

Thanks for wishing us luck Jenny!

xx Kat


Let's do it A.S., Lauren!

Salt Cleanse

New rule - if I am silly enough to binge/purge, I may as well do a salt cleanse after, so at least to gain something constructive from the whole thing.

I had a bit of a giggle just now - I was beating myself up for eating what I thought was a full-sized container of chickpeas cooked with tomato and some herbs earlier today; was just putting away the dishes when I realised it was actually about half of the size of a normal container. Which makes me feel a bit better!!

I am also dying for a new tattoo! And can't wait to get to 70kg to get my nose (nostril) pierced... yay!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

You know what?

I am so glad I am on this site with supporters.

Normally, after having screwed up and binge/purged once, I would probably then just say screw it and binge and purge again, using it as an excuse to eat some foods that I wouldn't normally allow.

However, as you say A.S. this is a new hour. When I was reading that I was scoffing the rest of the apricots, but I put them down (I had had probably two handfuls) and have decided to do a salt-water cleanse while my stomach isn't too full. I think if I do the cleanse now it'll make it easier for me to do them during the week as there will be less waste, so uni will be affected less.

So yeah, instead of destructively binging and purging again, I will now constructively do a salt-water cleanse.

I'm actually feeling a lot better now about my day.

So thanks =)



My bestie came round today (she'd been off in the army but got back from a training camp yesterday) to help me deal with the parents thing... and she bought food. Cue even more eating; tuna mornay (spelling?). I much appreciated her company and her thinking of me!! But... once she left I just felt so bloated that I decided I was going to purge. I then decided I might as well binge and eat more stuff, given I was going to purge so I heated up some bismati rice... and then purgepurgepurged. Ugh. So I'm annoyed at myself for that.

Tomorrow's a new day.

A.S. - Good point, I can just see myself drinking lemon juice and pepper all day and then end up with a honey rush at night/end of drink, lol. And what do you mean it's too extreme?! You're fasting for 9 days, you'd be able to do it no sweat!

Zette - I'm overweight because I eat too much, but also because I give permission to myself to keep eating. So I think when I say obesity is the sin of permission, it'll help me remind myself to say no it's not okay to keep eating, or to eat a really big serving.

If that makes sense?

Just a thought

Obesity is the sin of permission.

Lemon Detox Diet

From here.

To make one batch of the Lemon Detox drink to last for the whole day
For a 2 Litre batch (approx.6-9 glasses), which is the recommend daily intake of the Detox drink;:
• 140ml of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup™,
• 3 ½ freshly squeezed lemons (about 140ml)
• 2 - 3 pinches of the Cayenne Pepper. 
Mix the above ingredients with water to make a 2 litre batch.

To make one glass of the Lemon Detox drink 
• One tablespoon (or 20 ml) of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup™.
• One tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about half a lemon). 
Use fresh lemons, not lemon drink or concentrate. 
• Half a pinch of cayenne pepper (adjust to taste).

Mix the ingredients and dilute with at least 250ml of water.

You may drink the Lemon Detox drink cold, room temperature or warm.


We recommend you drink at least 1-2 litres of water in addition to the lemon detox drinks. Drink the laxative tea in the evening and the sea salt water drink in the morning.

If you feel the need for variety, then once or twice a day you can drink a cup of herb tea or freshly squeezed citrus juice (orange or grapefruit). Peppermint, rosehip and chamomile teas are useful complements to the Lemon Detox drink and make a nice contrast. Peppermint tea especially supports the cleansing process, cleanses the palate and neutralizes any mouth or body odours that may arise. Teas and juices should only be sweetened with the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup™, if at all, and do not use or add any dairy products


I swear when I woke up today my stomach felt less flat because I'd eaten yesterday. Or am I just being paranoid? Today I had apricots for breakfast but then my parents dropped off a container of one of my favourite dishes, it's chickpeas in a tomato and herb sauce... I ate the full container -like the size of a chinese take away dish - so am feeling very naughty. At least it's a completely healthy dish?

I am better at fasting then at regulating what I eat. Sigh. 

Also - I think it would be safe to replace maple syrup with honey, the important thing is to keep up a source of potassium so your heart can function properly, and there is potassium in honey. I don't know how much though.

And hello and warm welcome to my new followers :) everyone on here really inspires me! I need to put a webcam or something near the fridge so everytime I go nearby one of you can be like NOOO don't do it! 

xx Kat

Easy A

This is for you Sarah!

Also A.S., I emailed you.

Right, so, Easy A! Now to start off with, this happened to me at school. Well, actually, I was watching a movie with a friend and some guy was pulling a silly face and I said it looked like an orgasm face. My friend then said "oh, like you'd know", and I said "yeah, I would". I was 13. Then the so-called friend spread to everyone that I'd had sex at 12 years old, and people believed HER!... so yeah school was interesting.

But that aside, I enjoyed the movie.  It's kind of a Mean Girls/St Trinian's vibe to it, the supporting older male actors definitely steal the show though, IMHO. The main actress kind of annoyed me with her mannerisms though, like that chick from Juno - very oh I'm so sarcastic look at me be sarcastic "says something sarcastic". If that makes sense... which it probably doesn't?! Still, I enjoyed it.

Ate popcorn. (Didn't finish it!) ... ate some more mettwurst at home *guilty face*. I did have a lovely night with the girls though!

Right now my plan is to do the lemon detox diet next week, and then after that try the baby food diet. My initial response to A.S.'s suggestion was omg who'd want to do that I mean there's no fibre in it at all and it'd probably taste gross. Then I researched it a little!

I think it would be quite feasible to do well on this kind of a diet, if you chose one veggie based (with protein source too) and one fruit based dish a day, aside from which you had a fibre supplement (whether artificial or natural, whatever) mixed into juice or milk. Or a few more dishes, depending on how many calories of intake are required. I think it would be a great way of keeping the servings small and reasonably cheap, but also pre-measured. And these look kinda yum. I guess?


A.S. - I don't know how this works either, but I'd assume it's much like trying to get fit with a friend - someone to compete with, someone to whinge about it with, someone for support and to and compare notes with?

Haha I'll have to think about the Baby Food diet - is that the Tracy Anderson version or actual cans of baby food? In which case, how many a day? I'm quite interested now that I think about it.

I don't really know that much about the SGD but I'm up for it.


A.S. - definitely, just let me know when you want to start and we'll lose weight with ABC and SGD! I'm glad you've pointed out that it was probably a good idea to eat some today so that I didn't binge out on the buttery, salty popcorn at the movies!

Miana - haha I really didn't think I was thaaaaaaat healthy today but thanks :). Sure I'd like to do the lemon detox diet with you - (A.S. I'll update you how it goes - unless you want to do it too??), could you link me the recipe you are going to use?

I went for a bike ride and a nice long walk today too so that should be good for helping cancel out my intake for today. I'm seeing Easy A - I have SUCH a crush on Cam Gigandet (he's in that, right?)

I saw my mother today - she said I looked like I lost some weight. It's good to hear that! Also I was expecting to be really furious at her after the whole lying to me thing (earlier post) but to be honest, I felt nothing. *shrug*

xx Kat

Friday, October 1, 2010


I couldn't resist the apricots this morning. I had about a handful of them and an apple for breakfast. For lunch I had some (surprisingly low fat + carbs) mettwurst + finished off some mozzarella (yeah my macedonian roots are showing with the meat and cheese).

Today I may go to the movies, in which case I'll have some diet soda and popcorn but I think I've eaten enough for today. I kind of wish I had extended the fast right through, but I guess studies do show if you eat in excess some days - i.e. alternate days or every third day etc, your metabolism runs faster (i.e. you eat, it goes into fat-burning mode, then it's still in that mode and gradually slows down until you eat again).

Thanks for your support Miss A.S.!

xx Kat

Lemon Detox Diet

I'm thinking about it for my solids fast next week. Good idea? Is it worth it to buy the thing from the pharmacy or just make lemon juice etc. from internet recipes?


No thank you.

Has anyone else noticed the reduced standards for aspiration nowadays? I mean seriously; Bella Swan is uncoordinated, doesn't make friends easily, can't dance, can't play sports. Harry Potter doesn't fit in.

Why are these the role models for kids these days?

Oh and thanks for signing in Jenny! Yay for new  piercings as a reward :D


I'm really excited about getting to 70kg so I can get my nose pierced. ^.^
That is all.


I managed to stay away from the apricots!! Be proud of me girls :). It was difficult, but they're still unopened in the cupboard.

Cinnamon - these are Aussie ones - therefore preservative free and all that jazz - and SO yummy.

Almost.skinny - I am so tempted to extend my fast - I kind of don't want to eat anything now and ruin that lovely light feeling!

Miss Alisha - you are at my goal weight! I am so very very jealous.

But yeah, I have to say I am somewhat considering not eating today either. I have an exam on Tuesday and I think that'd be better if I ate something before that... so perhaps I'll extend until Tuesday? But then I think it's better to get into a routine, and as you said Almost Skinny, it's quite feasible to fast regularly during the week, provided the cals are high enough... hmm what to do!

Thanks for your comments, it's lovely to hear from you all and great to get inspiration to just keep going.

Day 5

Well it is the end of my first 5 day fast. I am tempted to keep fasting - I feel great, and whether or not the pills have helped with anything, I haven't found myself feeling hungry much at all!

But oh my I bought some dried apricots today and it's killing me not eating them right now... I already lost control a bit earlier today and binged/purged and I don't want to do that again, and if I can just last until I go to sleep, I can eat them tomorrow without worrying about purging... Argh!!

I think my binges have been primarily emotional in nature - before it was finding out about how my parents lied to me; today it was stressing about uni. But provided I can keep those down, I see no reason why I can't regularly fast from solids Monday - Friday. Apparently it's what Sarah Jessica Parker does?

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work today, and they were talking to a Biggest Loser winner, he has started up his own weight loss camp thing (you have to be >100kg to get in, unfortunately) - and one man lost 44 kg in 4 weeks. That's 11kg a week. That's crazy!! The interviewers asked if that was safe, and he said "Safer than keeping the weight on". SO true.

Also, has anyone researched the (socially accepted) extreme calorie restriction diets? Mice live significantly longer when they barely have enough calories to keep going compared with mice who receive plentiful food. Interesting.

xx Kat

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Angelina Jolie Thinspo

This woman is perfection.


Bought a scale; weighed myself. 74 kilos. I was at least 76 and probably more 77/78 to start this so  I'm quite happy! 28 more to go.

And thanks to everyone for commenting!

The pills I got were out the back of a Cleo magazine... I had just been paid and was curious. From here. I ordered the version with oxytum included. How effective will they be? No idea; the science behind them is backed up with studies, but whether the pills actually mimic the studies, who knows?

For instance, oxytum contain magnesium which is associated with weight loss; the 30 Days tablets are meant to get rid of the Fermicute family of bacteria, which again has been studied scientifically. I guess what I'm trying to say is the scientific theory is valid. And they're Norwegian and come with a money back guarantee; I was concerned about how long it took me to receive them and the customer service team replied politely, even if it took them a few days.

I'm actually really enjoying being hydrated again - I was a professional athlete a few years ago and we used to drink so much water, it's great having that feeling again! But thanks for the reminder Cinnamon.

Jenny and Ana, I'll keep you updated.

If you want pills that are proven to work, have a look at Xenical/Orlistat. That will only work when you are consuming food with fat in it, though - what it does is block the enzymes that break down fat, so you can't absorb 25 - 30% of the fat you eat. That means, however, the unabsorbed fat comes out so your bowel motions will be a bit yuck and oily if you eat a lot of fat. Gross.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 3, Five day fast 1

I'm feeling really good. I ordered some diet pills that I haven't tried before, before I took them I was feeling quite shakey - maybe too much caffeine with the coffee + green tea I'd had earlier, so I was mo somewhat concerned that it'd be a heart overdose, but the pills seem to be mostly herbal rather than caffeine, and to my surprise I've been feeling really good, and not at all hungry - which will be great for helping me to avoid binging and purging.

They have a money back guarantee but I think I won't be using it.... but we'll see!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before and Afters #3

That girl ^ has a very similar body type to me, but I have more of a waist and bigger boobs. 

xx Kat