Monday, October 4, 2010


... and boredom make me eat.

Not that I've eaten today! But I did have some Thai peanut sauce (with hot water, to make it into a soup)... and that did degenerate into a few teaspoons of it, straight. It's watery enough that I'm considering it liquid, damnit... heh.

Thank you all for the comments and for wishing me luck for tomorrow! Eek I'm nervous! And hello and welcome to my new followers =)

Cinnamon - the vegemite soup sounds good... but they have a new vegemite that has cheese in it here, and I can literally eat it straight. (Or maybe that was just because I was REALLY hung over and my body was craving B vitamins like nobody's business...)

Haha. Anyway it's a nice day today so I am going to sit outside and get my notes sorted!

Stay skinny, lovelies!


  1. vegemite? i'm pretty sure my (ex)step mother used to put that on crackers&it made me gag. maybe i'm wrong. ugh. that stuff was godawful. cheers for not breaking your fast. keep up the good work, darling.

  2. Nice work making peanut sauce a soup! made me smile.
    Enjoy the beautiful day- Stay strong xxx

  3. never even tried it? lol
    my first day of lemon detox was awesommmmmmme!
    i feel so lgiht but not starved :) always good.
    but i really wanna exercise...tehee.

  4. your doing great! i love your soup idea! great job on the fast!

    lot of love S xoxo

  5. Oh God yes, Cheese Marmite, save me! I've seen it at the shops, I avoid it like the plague! You're so right about the hangover cure, it does work! X

  6. that thai peanut sauce/soup sounds really good! i think it totally counts as a liquid, the same way bouillon cubes make broth.

    great job, hun! keep it up!