Wednesday, October 13, 2010

About me from Goal Thin

#1: I don't when I discovered Ana and Mia or why but I loved people saying how great I looked and I'm going to get those compliments back!
#2: I've never cheated on a boyfriend although I did once on a potential boy and still regret it. I have been the other woman once, and also hooked up with a married with kids well known Australian man.
#3: I love the way food tastes and smells and feels.
#4: I hate the way I can eat endlessly and the way I look afterwards. 
#5: I'm bisexual.
#6: I've had sex with 11 men.
#7: All I really want to do all day is physical activities - surf, walk, run, hike, fight, fuck and all I want to do all night is read, watch movies and play computer games. I should be a soldier and instead I'm doing honours. 
#8: I really don't think I know how to be normal.
#9: I'm an introverted extrovert.
#10: I blame my parents and the fact I was smart enough to realise purging made me lose weight quicker than a diet. 

Would love to hear from you, lovelies.


  1. This was fun! #2 made me curious!! :P & #9 made me giggle :).... normal is over rated! Stay you! xxx

  2. #'s 3&4 Made me know I'm not the only one (again).
    #'s 5&6 Made me think. I've only ever been with guys, but my sexuality is undecided, and they made me think thats alright.

    #8: I've never been normal. I tried. It spiraled me into depression.
    #10 Ditto.

  3. oh yah i posted on that post as well :)
    hey in reply to the last post, yupps i know Canberra's not a beach city, but for some reason I've wanted to go there since I was little :P