Friday, October 8, 2010

It's good when clothes slip on

The last time I wore my work skirt was before I got quite sick (I was somewhat around 65 - 70kg) it fitted really nicely, and when I put it for the first time, though to a fortnight ago (just before I started fasting), it was overly snug and I pulled a few stitches by the zip doing it up. (It's a high waisted, box pleated skirt)...

Anyway I just put it on then and it was easy and almost as loose round the waist as it was wayy back at those weights. So that was a nice start to my morning =)

Thank you and welcome to my new followers! And thank you to everyone who has commented.

Also: A.S. Welcome back!!

Cinnamon - I know what you mean, it was just that the guy's grandmother had made scones for everyone... I couldn't not! 

Ana - yeap I am exactly the same! (I am legitimately broke most of the time too!) I usually say "I'm sorry guys, neither my waistline nor my wallet can handle that!" (And when they laugh and reassure me I don't need to lose weight... "Ok you've got me, it's just that I'm broke!") I thought the salt water cleanse was very good, for me the second one in two days definitely produced more results. I felt really thirsty after them though, and quite bloated. However this may be due to the fact that I didn't have sea salt and used iodized salt, I can't remember what iodine is in terms of tonicity, but it may have thrown off the result by meaning that I absorbed more? I would recommend it over laxatives though, definitely.

Eliena - oh!! I thought it was just me - like I'm so paranoid being this fat person with food all over her face! So I always wipe my face, etc... You know I bet all of us on here are the same, haha. Good point with the water.. do you know how soon after a salt water cleanse you can drink?

Jenny - cheers. It just seems easier though sometimes, right?

Maggie - you can make it yourself though :P But yeah I know what you mean about the shakiness, it sucks sometimes, especially at uni or work when you need steady hands!

xx Kat


  1. Three cheers for looser clothes and the chick who, no doubt, rocks that high-waisted, box pleated skirt!!! You go girl! X.

  2. Thank you! :)
    I love when clothes start to show your progress- it's such a mood lifter! Congrats on the skirt ;) Keep going!!! xxx