Sunday, October 3, 2010

Putting off the lemon detox diet

Hi girls =)

Thanks for commenting/following me, it means a lot that you guys have my back when I'm feeling a little tempted!

Anyway, for yesterday I had: apricots, chickpeas with tomato, a banana, two tubs of yoghurt, some nuts and two carrots. Then there was that unfortunate affair with the tuna mornay and rice which I binge/purged, followed by a salt cleanse.

I have a fairly important meeting on Wednesday so I am going to put off the lemon detox diet until next week so I'm not filled with toxins and finding it difficult to pay attention/etc. Sorry Miana!

So this week I will be going back to abstaining from solids, but I will be allowing myself coffee, tea etc., and milk will be allowed again. My goals will be to cut down on my binge/purging, and if I do, I will have to do a salt cleanse after it. I will allow myself at most a tub of yoghurt, small serving of tuna and a piece of fruit on Wednesday, *if* I feel I need it.

Lauren - maybe if you want some added motivation, think of something you want to do for yourself? New haircut, shoes, small holiday, dvd collection?

A.S. - I know you're finding it tough today and I've already commented on your blog but if you swing by here... stay strong! You can do it.

Thanks for wishing us luck Jenny!

xx Kat


  1. Good luck for the meeting on wed, putting off the detox till then sounds like a very good plan- you don't want a fuzzy brain or evil breath!
    All the best with the liquid fast- I know you can do it!
    Thanks Kat!! I always swing by here :)

  2. good call on putting it off. sounds like you've got your shit together which is more than i can say about myself. stay strong, lovely.

  3. Good luck with your fast, K. Keeping fingers crossed. X.

  4. it's fine haha!
    right now is a good time for me which is why i am doing it.
    email me or comment on a post to let me know if/when you wanna do it, i'd be glad to again!
    keep posting:)

  5. I'll probably do something like that :D I need money tho which means I gotta get a job :s eek lol Im so lazy.. il get thereeeee soooonnn.good luck with wednesday!