Saturday, October 9, 2010


Meals for yesterday: I am contemplating giving up on the fasting from solids on the weekend. Maybe. Or maybe just one day a weekend? Not sure. Anyway, what I ended up eating yesterday:

2 x small tubs yoghut
1 x pear
Some dried apricots
2 x small tins tuna.

I'm still madly hanging out for the watermelon though! Haha.

Comment replies:
A.S.: Yeah for sure email it to me! Just let me know what you are wanting me to find when I look at it (like, take out identifying stuff or grammar or just an overall impression?)

Miana: YUM italian chocolate. What a specific and high-class craving, I am impressed!

Cinnamon: Are you kidding? If someone said I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, vitamins etc., aside, there is a high chance it would be watermelon.

Enjoy your Sundays, girls!



  1. You could liquid fast during the week and eat on the weekends?
    Have some watermelon today! Don't let it turn into a binge- if you eat some now chances are it will be a better quantity and it's good for you- enjoy! :)
    Thank you!!! I'll email you some ideas for it today- I guess I'm scared of judgement and being identified and just would like an opinion before I share it with everyone.
    Stay strong! Have a lovely sunday :)

  2. really you're impressed? haha, i wihsh i craved healthier stuff :/
    well dear, whatever decision you make, i just know you're gonna become even more beautiful than you already are!!Beauty grows. :) :)

  3. If you enjoy something, enjoy the hell out of it! Life's just too damn short!

    Hey, what about a watermelon party? If the weather's warm enough, of course! A 'bring your own' deal!

    I think introducing a change once a week could be beneficial. Give it a go!

    All the best. XXX.