Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well I got all my work done for this morning...

Got excellent marks for it too. Sweeeeeeeeet. Was up until 12:30 but schmeh!

Cinnamon - hope you had a good night's sleep!

A.S. - you certainly don't comment too much! Also you should get it checked out because if it's something caused by dry eyes that's easily fixed, and if it's got a more serious cause, you will also be able to get it treated before permanent damage is done.

Miana - haha thank you for both comments =). You do know canberra is nowhere near the sea, right? And yeah, Australia is an amazing place - we have great beaches and everyone is pretty much laid back, especially Queensland/Adelaide/Perth/Darwin/Hobart. Hobart is cooler weather but has a really cool European vibe. Sydney and Melbourne are still quite Aussie but more wound-up.

Ana Gaia - I am so glad that was helpful to you! You have no reason to feel guilty because of that. It really makes me furious that pro-lifers who clearly don't understand embryology feel free to cause women so much grief with false statements like that, especially when it is hard for someone with a non-medical background to understand why it's not true.


May go see a movie now as a reward for my mark... To popcorn or not to popcorn?!
(Have since decided not to - I would rather go outside and sit with a book in the sun and get my tan on)

Also - what I have been having has been coffee with plenty of lactose-free milk, tea with the same, orange juice, cranberry juice and WATER. The occasional boost, iced coffee, freshly squeezed juice too.

Lovelies - yoghurt. Solid or no?


  1. Congrats on the good marks! :) how about I go to the optician instead? good girl- no popcorn! & to me yoghurt = solid. Blended fruit & water solid or no?

  2. Hey!
    Well done!

    I slept well until 3:30am when I was rudely awakened by a loud clap of thunder, followed by a violent electrcal storm! It's still raging on, hail and all. I fucking love it!

    As far as I know yoghurt is a solid, but I would have low fat drinking yoghurt to be safe. It's runny enough to be considered a liquid! How about having a meal replacement shake with water? You know, the diet kind, hit of protein and all! Just a thought.

    Enjoy the movie, if you decide to go. X.