Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a nice day today

*ashamed but sneakily happy face*

I just had a sausage with white bread and a diet coke >.< damnit free BBQs!!

Hello to my new followers! I usually post more regularly, I swear!

"Rawwwwwwwwr" post
Miana - well you guys make it easy to be positive! Just keep going and going and going until all the flub is gone!

Isobel - haha. It's definitely a motivator ;-) - Especially on the party I was at on friday night. Sexual tension in the cab with my crush but OH NO I have to go home alone. ... ARGH!

A.S. - it's not really an injury that I get when I push myself hard. I have a mild form of connective tissue disorder which means my joints are all prone to sublaxation (I haven't had any dislocations yet, thank christ!)... but that knee has a ligament tear on top of the connective tissue thing so occasionally it goes nuts.

Happiness - it's really important to do both, imo. You get your metabolism burning much faster with cardio, but yeah it slows down gradually once you've stopped (a brisk 1 hour walk increases your metabolism slightly for the next 24 hours), whilst weight training increases your metabolic rate as you build muscle, although the actual training doesn't burn off that much. I think it's best to do the cardio in the morning so you speed up your metabolic rate in the day and do the weight training at night so your body can build new muscle as you sleep.

"Naughty miss K" post
A.S., Isobel, Goal Thin - I was naughty and ate and purged until all of it was gone... Man binging and purging is the worst coping mechanism ever!!

Miana - haha food porn! Unfortunately, probably somewhat like ana and mia I discovered real porn when I was quite young. I don't know if you mean partake as in watch or as in participate in... but I am not really against watching! Don't judge me >.<

Happiness - it's so silly! I am in debt paying off my flights for the yoga course and yet there have been days were I've spent 10 - 50 dollars on food just to purge! (I have regular income, but it means I'm paying it off wayy later + less money for clothes and sports :( - which is silly!!!!)

Lovelybones - Yeah that's it. Just keep on track. I get so tempted sometimes... but being a fatty is NOT worth it.

"I'm still here" post
Molly - it's getting there!! <3 missed you too. Hope everything is well with you! Keep it up.

Cinnamon - haha I'm envious of people who can't! It's such a risk to your heart, oesophagus and teeth. Not to mention wallet!! To be honest I think it's really important to stay away from laxatives as much as possible. They cause your intestine to become lazy, more or less, which can lead to necrosis and having to have it removed, which can cause all sorts of problems like faecal incontinence and malabsorption... not nice!

Keep it up ladies! We will get there =)

Also... teehee this is my 69th post.
And why yes, I believe I am sexually frustrated.


  1. I love how you update people in specifics, I think it is really sweet :) You are a very sweet person and ah BBQs. So much food everywhere, you did well ^^

    Happy 69th post and go and get you some girl ;D

  2. oh thank you, but mostly my hair's a frizzy mess...
    fairy lights in winter help me to survive the dark..but as you are in australia (serious season envy!!!) get some to make magic of your summer nights to come!

  3. I meant vomiting with antacids to ease the burn. It was a weird thought, I know!

    I'm grateful I don't puke much. I went through 2 very painful years of dental work for a good set of teeth. I'd hate for that to have been in vain!

    I don't do laxatives. My poor colon has enough to deal with!

    Hope your knee feels better. X.

  4. As long as you enjoyed the BBQ it wasn't in vain :P Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather xxx