Sunday, October 17, 2010

Motivational clothes?

A.S., you are so uplifting and motivational. It's good especially when I've felt stoned this weekend (legally kids!) due to all the painkillers etc.

I did have a splurge on some popcorn but hey, it's just popcorn and it was from a stall and no added fat/preservatives/etc. But back to my solid fasting tomorrow!

In case you Aussies/Americanas didn't know - the AUD and the USD are equal. So I'm thinking about buying a tiny little pair of American jeans to keep around the place to motivate myself. Good idea? Bad idea?



  1. oo! good idea! good motivation... although it depends on your body- I find jean shopping awfully hard (I have NO ass and a fat stomach) so personally I'd prefer to try them on but if you look good in most then I say go for it!
    Popcorn's not bad with no added fat/salt, I wouldn't worry and your back to it tomorrow! It's all good :)

  2. I have exactly the same problem as A.S.! However, I do have a pair of 32inch/size 8/small (our sizes) denims that I used to wear before I turned into Godzilla! I keep them for motivation. I'm currently wearing a 35 inch/size 11/medium-large. Hopefully not long now. I love Woolworths' half size clothes! Probably 'cause I'm such a misfit! Ha!

  3. i have a pair of tiny jeans i've kept since high school, and i'm hoping to fit back into them soon!


  4. Great idea! I buy clothes in smaller sizes for motivation! Good luck, hun! xoxo

  5. hey you, didn't realise i wasn't following you but you were following me :) glad you aren't worrying about the popcorn! lots of love xxxx