Saturday, October 2, 2010


My bestie came round today (she'd been off in the army but got back from a training camp yesterday) to help me deal with the parents thing... and she bought food. Cue even more eating; tuna mornay (spelling?). I much appreciated her company and her thinking of me!! But... once she left I just felt so bloated that I decided I was going to purge. I then decided I might as well binge and eat more stuff, given I was going to purge so I heated up some bismati rice... and then purgepurgepurged. Ugh. So I'm annoyed at myself for that.

Tomorrow's a new day.

A.S. - Good point, I can just see myself drinking lemon juice and pepper all day and then end up with a honey rush at night/end of drink, lol. And what do you mean it's too extreme?! You're fasting for 9 days, you'd be able to do it no sweat!

Zette - I'm overweight because I eat too much, but also because I give permission to myself to keep eating. So I think when I say obesity is the sin of permission, it'll help me remind myself to say no it's not okay to keep eating, or to eat a really big serving.

If that makes sense?


  1. EEK! food! ana is your friend, try to stick with her if you can. Tomorrow is a new day but this hour is a new hour- this minute is a new minute. Don't let the rest of the day be bad too. You can do it!!!!

    & I think the lemon detox is more extreme cause of the ups and downs, you know when you drink it you have energy then you dont etc etc. Plus the laxi tea and salt water flush every day! I think I'd craw up in a ball and not do anything the whole time. I'd take a liquid fast over it any day. Although I've never actually tried so I'm just going on assumptions.

    Stick with it hun, you can get back on track! xxx

  2. i'm glad you had your friends company :)

    augh i've been purging so much lately!!!
    cant wait till lemon detox tomorrow:)