Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today I ate

Peanut butter (6 teaspoons :( )
Pink lady apple
2 x small cans of tuna
The new type of vegemite with cheese (2 teaspoons)
Natural yoghurt
Some dried unsweetened goji berries


  1. Sounds healthy and nutritious to me, Kat! Good choices, even the peanut butter and the Marmite. I know you're avoiding food and are bummed about eating, but fuck, you could have done a lot worse. Pat yourself on the back for that! I'm still very proud of you and I hope the watermelon rocked! :)

  2. I really admire how you're making such good choices compared to some other crap that is so easy to give in to.
    Aren't you kinda glad you had watermelon though? Lol at least it's mad almost entirely of water :)

  3. Yay for watermelon!! :)
    I'm curious, are goji berries nice?
    Thanks so much for your help,support and perspective- your right, it's on meal, one weigh in... and the next one will be better! Ta xxx