Friday, October 1, 2010


I managed to stay away from the apricots!! Be proud of me girls :). It was difficult, but they're still unopened in the cupboard.

Cinnamon - these are Aussie ones - therefore preservative free and all that jazz - and SO yummy.

Almost.skinny - I am so tempted to extend my fast - I kind of don't want to eat anything now and ruin that lovely light feeling!

Miss Alisha - you are at my goal weight! I am so very very jealous.

But yeah, I have to say I am somewhat considering not eating today either. I have an exam on Tuesday and I think that'd be better if I ate something before that... so perhaps I'll extend until Tuesday? But then I think it's better to get into a routine, and as you said Almost Skinny, it's quite feasible to fast regularly during the week, provided the cals are high enough... hmm what to do!

Thanks for your comments, it's lovely to hear from you all and great to get inspiration to just keep going.

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  1. Yay! Well done- I am proud :) I was actually thinking about you last night, wondering if you'd given in and needed a pep talk. I'm so happy to hear you stayed strong, I knew you had it in you!
    If you are tempted to extend the fast go with it, why not? If you're feeling great then keep at it!!
    Go for it! xxx