Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dissolution by C.J. Sansom is quite a good book.

Yumm I love these meal replacement shake things. 5 bucks says I manage to put on weight drinking them.


Today I've had one of them, plus a little mini drinking yoghurt (probiotic), some pecorino, some raw mixed nuts and some dried apricots.

Work was a bittttch hobbling around and I am so very sick of the pain!

Cinnamon: Thanks hun. I love that quote. So you have IBS do you? How does that affect your dieting, out of interest?

A.S. Thanks! I am behind in commenting on two of yours posts, but I'll get there =) Replied to your email to. I think. I was pretty drug-hazy though, lol.

Happiness - thanks for the comment! I'm now following you - I saw one of your posts talking about support etc., from the community, just find blogs you like and comment away and you'll have heaps of supporters soon. And yeah, it's a pretty sucky thing to stop but it's definitely something that motivates me! Haha... And also, the idea of fat sex absolutely disgusts me. My guys are either really ripped athletes or quite slender and well, if that's not motivation there, I don't know what is. ^.^



  1. 5 bucks says you can avoid gaining weight on them if you keep your eyes open ;)
    Thanks! Don't worry it was coherent- & I found it all very interesting- especially the knee surgery!! The power of thought is amazing. I'm going to try it out. Visualizing/meditating about exercise and the perfect body every day- I will get there one day!
    Hope you're feeling better soon! Stay strong xxx

  2. No gluten, excess starch, grain based products, milk and refined sugar. Refer to my posts titled 'Breakthrough' and 'Chasing Rainbows' for acceptable foods.