Thursday, October 28, 2010


So that's a loss of 5 - 6kg in about 3.5 weeks. I am not unhappy with this but I'm not overly pleased. I'm really excited that I've lost 5 - 6kg and I feel it is somewhat noticeable and I am back to being more confident! But I wish it was going faster However, weight loss above 2kg a week is considered physically "unsustainable" in that your body will freak out and you will put the weight back on and/or find it much more difficult to lose weight in the future.

But I'm still 72kgs. And that's just gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. My BMI is 27.1. (Although thank god I don't look it!) I am a reasonably strong person - I can bench press 58kg free weights (just once or twice though), so I know a lot of my weight will be muscle - which unfortunately is denser/heavier than fat. Although that does mean I can be 72kg and have a lot of good guys being interested in me and be able to wear size 8 - 12 clothes, depending on the brand. 

I was looking down at my thighs when I was sitting down and got really annoyed. I have this distinct muscle and then to either side this flab of fat. It's like I can see my skinny legs trying to come through and then I have this flab weighing me down! I need to get back into running or pilates. Or just more yoga - I have not been keeping it up for months! 

Cinnamon - I went in to a yoga school the other day and asked if I could help out there and in return attend the classes for free (sort of like an apprentice teacher)... so let's see how I go :D. 

A.S. - mm I've been having some difficulty sleeping too. It's adjusted by now though and I am still so impressed with how pretty much absent my appetite is! 

Zette - Yes I love love love my tea. Russian Caravan, a cube of sugar (25 cal) + skim milk + a good book on a rainy night = Kat in heaven. I drink a lot of green tea, herbal tea though - and that's all plain without milk or sugar or anything. 

Roana - I ended up eating a fatty meal with a coffee then purging... the fruit would have been a good idea! I could have just said I had already brought my lunch in and then eaten fruit there. Damnit. Well that's a great suggestion for next time! 

Eva - thanks for the lovely comment! And I completely agree with you - once we're at our goal weights, then we can sort out everything else. 

xx Kat 

26 more kilos to go girlies! 15% of the way through.

Actually you know what? Scrap that. I am kinda pleased. I am getting there and I will continue to get there - 15%! 


  1. Well done with your weight loss, you're doing great! Enjoy the yoga classes. X.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss, stay strong!

  3. Good job on the weight loss.
    You can keep getting there. You have motivation, that's the most important part of it all.
    Stay Superstrong! <3

  4. i see my legs the exact same way. especially when i work out. i can see how small my legs can be...they're just not there yet. ugh. cheers for losing. stay strong, doll.
    p.s. little american me, it still takes me a second to turn kgs to pounds. hah.

  5. Great job with the weight loss! It's weird how some people look really fit/skinny but their weight is still the same or even higher, but I guess that's from all the muscle mass. It bugs me so much when I see a girl who's the same height as me, who's fatter than me, but she weighs like 20 pounds less. Either she's lying or the muscle/fat ratio is way different.

    I want to have thin, slender thighs too! Sometimes I can see a tiny bit of muscle but then when I sit down, my thighs become huge T.T Yoga and pilates sound like so much fun! They're low-impact and great for strength and flexibility =)

  6. congratulations. i weight 72 kg at the beginning, now i'm 62. and still fighting :)

    i would invite you to my blogspot (, but i write in Polish =P

    ♥ your blog. sorry4my english, very likely, that gramma is terrible^^D