Sunday, October 31, 2010

Study food

So. I have realised that I am a chronic devourer when it comes to study. As in, I feel like I study better with a cup of tea to absent-mindedly sip from as I write notes. Or a bowel of something to eat while I type with the other hand.

What are good suggestions for foods?
Something like popcorn, I'm thinking small pieces and preferably as low intake as possible? And low effort to make so it doesn't detract from study (exams, boo >=|)

Help me girlies! Also I will reply to everyones comments soon.


  1. Try celery? That's what I do if I get the uncontrollable munchies haha :]

  2. Chai & Coffee are amazing study drinks for me! I totally get what you mean about needing something to much on- it seems when I'm studying for a test I want to eat eat eat!

    I like celery & peanut butter (Walden farms has some 0 cal PB!) Cereal that's pretty healthy like Special K is great munchy foods. I like chopping up an apple into tiny bits- it lasts a long time when you do that. Wheat thins or other healthy crackers are delicious (I think special K has some crackers now).

  3. Popcorn, rice cakes (the mini ones are nice), corn thins, pretzels, crackers, dry cereals like Weeties/Corn flakes/Rice Krispies(Bubbles?)/muesli/granola, olives, raw mushroom slices, raw veg crudités, broccoli and cauliflower florets, gherkin slices.

  4. Cut up veggies really small and have them in a bowl? I do it with celery, carrot, peas, capsicum etc. Or if you need something sweeter little bits of apple are good! I find it's more the action, crunch and size than the actual food... it's worth a try? xxx

  5. rice cakes with cottage chees?e? cucumber/carrot sticks and some kind of low cal dip? i hate celery but thats good too, i used to love popcorn but it has too much salt unless u get the bags you pop urself not the packaged packs, i love steamed broccoli and cauliflower, mushrooms raw or stirfried lightly in a pan no oil.

    yay for pretty much the same stats hehe! we can do this!!i finding it so hard to get out of the 70's its so annoying closest i got was 70.4kgs and then i gained again grrrr.

  6. veggies beat all!
    and with a super warm drink! :P
    YUMMS IN THE TUMMS (as my mom used to say :P)

    good luck on ur exams!!!

    -happiness <3