Monday, October 18, 2010


The meal replacement shakes are yum, and work out to ~130 cal/serve. And I feel so full afterwards!

I am feeling really frustrated about the knee thing. I'm usually pretty active to to be stuck hobbling around is bloody frustrating! I want to binge/purge but god knows what that'd do with all the meds floating around in my stomach right now.

No change in weight, even more frustrating.

I think I will order a pair of jeans though to help with motivation! Any suggestions of brands?

Haha I'm the opposite Cinnamon, A.S. - I'm quite proud of my booty and I have a small waist. Although oddly enough it's my upper thighs that are the maximum diameter rather than my hips, which is new this year for me and weird. (I was running consistently for the first time in ages, and that happened :S). So must jeans marketed for curves fit me pretty well. ^.^

It seems like a lot of you girls find it helps you. Yayyyyyyyy :D

Thanks for commenting everyone, and hello to my new followers!


  1. omg you now officially have one more follower than i do :) it's cause i am toooo lazy. lol

    anyway i'm glad you are doing so positively, hun, wish i could say the same.

  2. I understand your injury frustration- maybe try and focus on how much worse you could make it by pushing yourself too far? Thats the only thing that helps me, well that and light exercises that don't hurt it.
    I wish I had some body balance- my biggest measurement is my chest and the smaller I get the more I look like a messed up barbie!
    Let us know which jeans you choose :)
    Stay strong! xxx

  3. I don't have a helpful comment of any kind but as I was reading this I saw your 'About me' - 'Especially rapidly since no more sex for me until I'm at least under 65kg. '

    hahah so funny! I love it. xx

  4. i still say that ull burn more calories doing weight training then cardio, its actually proven because your body burns the calories even after ur done the exercise unlike cardio which is done burning the calories once ur done the exercise