Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sushi roll and a mini sausage roll

Oh noes! Other then that, I stuck to my fast. But I was in a really long meeting - literally, 6 hours (with break)... the meal break got me and I had a piece of sushi and a party-sized sausage roll. Mowww ... Maybe I really just like rolls?! 3 hours later so there's no chance I can purge :( boo.

Cinnamon - not an instructor, I just get training in it. Maybe one day though!! Haha. Publish  your recipes woman!

Ana - what a lovely comment! I hope you are managing your issues you were blogging about, hun.



  1. Oops, my bad. I always get the fuzzy end of the lolly-pop. (I'm also famous for terrible misquotes!) I was in a Hatha yoga the entertainment! The flexible people all made fun of the fat, unfit spaz! How rude!

    I'd love to be a sushi eater, it's so avant-garde! I love the look of it, the idea of it but when it's in my mouth, I just gag! What am I doing wrong?!

    I think your intake is small enough to be considered negligible. Such will power!

    I've been thiking about joining 'the book of faces'! Thanks for that link, you're a STAR! X.

  2. Sushi is actually good for you though, right? I mean, it fills people up anyway, after like 1 bite. So it's really not all that bad. I couldn't imagine sitting down for 6 hours though. I'd go mad.