Saturday, October 2, 2010


A.S. - definitely, just let me know when you want to start and we'll lose weight with ABC and SGD! I'm glad you've pointed out that it was probably a good idea to eat some today so that I didn't binge out on the buttery, salty popcorn at the movies!

Miana - haha I really didn't think I was thaaaaaaat healthy today but thanks :). Sure I'd like to do the lemon detox diet with you - (A.S. I'll update you how it goes - unless you want to do it too??), could you link me the recipe you are going to use?

I went for a bike ride and a nice long walk today too so that should be good for helping cancel out my intake for today. I'm seeing Easy A - I have SUCH a crush on Cam Gigandet (he's in that, right?)

I saw my mother today - she said I looked like I lost some weight. It's good to hear that! Also I was expecting to be really furious at her after the whole lying to me thing (earlier post) but to be honest, I felt nothing. *shrug*

xx Kat


  1. :) glad I could point out the positives, i always bring stuff to the movies or eat before to avoid it.. being prepared has saved me many times!
    Congrats- you must have lost some if your mum noticed!

    I'm not 100% sure how this works, just so we're on the same page- are we being supportive/encouraging/competitive etc? I'm up for a combination if you are?
    I'm not up for the master cleanse, I think the liquid fast is basically the same... plus I kinda want to stick to my timeline.

    My plan is:
    Low cal liquid Fasting from 27/9 - 5/10- (atm) then I'm going away for a few days (will eat minimally)
    come back and fast for another week 11/10 - 17/10
    Then I'm going to try the Baby Food Diet 18/10 - 31/10
    And start fresh november 1st with the Skinny Girl Diet 1/11 - 30/11
    Just let me know what you feel like doing xxx

  2. I'm gonna post my recipe in your latest post, k ? :)