Sunday, October 10, 2010

I just had the most delicious vegetable juice

Living nearby where I can get freshly squeezed juices for $5? Win.

Today I have had that veggie juice, then coffee, then some sweetened milk. Random, I know. I also woke up in the middle of the night really thirsty so I went downstairs and drank cranberry juice and water... that teaches me for not being adequately hydrated yesterday!

Comment replies:
Miana - well, good Italian chocolate isn't exactly available everywhere, whereas I'll gorge myself on watermelon anywhere, anytime... which is frequently, lol. I remember once reading that you can technically lose weight eating a mars bar a day... so it doesn't really matter that what I like to eat is healthy, because I am eating so damn much of it, ya know? **I mean used to. Because I'm going to be skinny now**

Ana Gaia, glad you enjoyed it!! For me it was like wow I look better. Although my shoulders look disproportionately large on the second one. >.<

Cinnamon - a watermelon party sounds like the most amazing, whimsical idea ever!

A.S. - glad to see you posted it! I hope you are seeing by the comments how much we all care! The goji berries are ok, the health benefits are over-hyped though. So I would say possibly not worth the money, unless you get them dirt cheap from a health food or chinese herbal store?


  1. i love natural fruit juices! having grown up in a country where everything is taken and sold directly as nature intended, i now can't stand sugary crap.
    lol unvoluntarily healthy? win.

  2. Veggie juice be mmmm-good!

    We used to inject the watermelons with vodka and get totally shit-faced around the pool! What makes you think I belonged to the art faculty?! Bunch of bloody weirdos, our lot! Naturally, I always made a few gin-soaked grapefruit for myself. Will I ever fit in anywhere?!

    Good work on all the liquids! X.

  3. mmm juice.
    Thanks for the tip on the berries- i thought they might be overrated!
    & that statement on diets sounds so true! After this fast I'm going to try to listen to her and have some carbs without bingeing... its been a long time lol I don't know if I trust myself enough yet... scary!
    Sorry your fasts not going so well, just do your best and take care!- don't fall into the hating yourself hole. It's dark and lonely. All the best xxx