Monday, October 11, 2010

I lost the plot a little bit yesterday lovelies!

Kinda. Anyway I sort of had a spare hour or so and I was really bored/hungry and walking past a servo... So I (naturally?!) decided to buy easy mac (microwavable macaroni and cheese), pringles, popcorn and a mars bar. And I ate it all... then purged it all.

The problem is is that those foods are all high carb and also particularly high glucose. So I ate them all, then by the time I had eaten everything and purged, my pancreas had released a shit load of insulin to uptake all this glucose that was (at the time) floating around in my system. However once I purged, I got rid of all that glucose and WHAMM cue high-insulin, low glucose. Some of you anas or mias would be familiar with the feeling, you get sweaty, shakey, you have a tremor and you really, really need to eat. (It's all physiological)

So... I ate fruit in natural syrup (a shit load, like 1kg I swear), then an apple, then a yoghurt, then a tin of tuna, all between like 7pm and 10pm. DAMNIT.

So I have another assessment piece due tomorrow so I have decided that even though yesterday was pretty much shit I will still eat a little bit. I finished off the packet of goji berries (less than a handful) and if I have to, between now and the assessment being turned up I will allow an apple, and up to three things of tuna or yoghurt (i.e. 1 x tuna, 2 x yoghurt or whatever, max, between now and tomorrow arvo)... THEN BACK TO FASTING.

>.< I was at 75ish this morning but I think I should disregard that given my epic binge the night before.

Miana - accidental health definitely = win.

Cinnamon - arts faculty?! huh?? And lol yes we have done the vodka watermelon. Personally I'd rather drink the vodka inbetween eating the watermelon, but hey. It was fun.



  1. You know all the stuff I wonder about! do you know what the thing is that messes up your vision after eating? cause I have that going on and its really getting old!
    I'm so jealous you can purge. I'm still in bloated agony.
    You can do it, you've got a plan and you'll be fasting away from 75 in no time! Stay strong xxx

  2. lol :)
    omg i know its so hard to resist temptation..
    anyways i figured out that fasting DOES NOT work for me
    :/ ending my fast friday. uck. getting my blood checked tomorrow.
    great timing huh?

  3. Art faculty - as in student faculty, not teacher's faculty! Slang - 'Art Department'! Cheeky bugger, me!

    Sorry to hear that you committed 'carbacide' and had a sugar-wobble. Hope you're feeling better.

    Tomorrow's plan looks very healthy, indeed!.
    Best of luck with your assessment. X.