Thursday, October 14, 2010

I feel great

73.5 kg (slow but I'm getting there), so that's another .5 lost from a while back (or 1.5 from my last weigh in)  - but more importantly my stomach is as flat as it used to be and I feel great. I think I must have been retaining a lot of water.

Thank you all for your comments, hello to Sara (I am now following you), and welcome to my new followers =) I'm Kat, I'm Aussie and I'm studying pain perception as part of my honours right now. And I put on a lot of weight after injury/illness this year and will get rid of it all and fit back into my clothes again... and keep going until they are loose!

Comment replies:

Done work post:
Cinnamon - fantastic idea about a meal replacement shake and drinking yoghurt, I didn't even think about them! I would worry with a meal replacement shake that I'd literally just drink a HUGE tub of it. Drinking yoghurt is amazing though, can you get it in Australia  ?

About Me post:
Skinny business - personally, I am just attracted to individuals, the gender doesn't particularly bother me. I do fully plan on marrying a male and having kids though! I always worry that when I tell people I am bisexual they'll think that I want to hit on them, or that I'm doing it for attention, or that I'm doing it as a cover for being a lesbian. No, no and no! Haha.

Miana - haha ok! Well I hope you get there one day! It's very neatly organised. It's the porn and ecstasy capital of Australia, apparently - possibly due to how otherwise boring it is. It has its own charm and beauty though so I would still recommend going.

Health Store post:
A.S. - lovely comment, as usual. I like you too! I guess it's a choice between fibre content and calorie count. I mean full fat soy milk probably has higher calories than plain tuna in brine. For me, I am differentiating it on the basis of fibre, which stretches the stomach etc, and when a stomach goes back from being stretched to normal, the brain is stimulated to feel hungry.

Cinnamon - the interesting thing is that bacteria in the bowels is healthy and normal, however with small changes they can get out of control and cause a lot of issues, and if they travel to different parts of the body, the same happens. I really feel like I need to detox a bit and just do cleansing along with solids fasting so I think the teas will help. So I think it's kind of a modified detox diet?

Miana - I know, I'm pretty bad for writing lots of little posts... but this way you guys can just read a quick one here and there... right?! I do adore teas. So good for you, too!

Ana Gaia - That appetite suppressant tea sounds great! This may sound pretty silly bit I'm almost considering doing a herbology (or whatever it'd be called) type course at the local new age store to learn about all the different herbs etc and their uses. And the best thing about the placebo effect is that it means it doesn't matter if the drugs work or not as long as you think they do... there was a really interesting study done where the actually operated on some people's knees whereas the other group just got anesthetised, wheeled into the OR, the surgeons pretended to operate and played a video on the screen showing another knee operation and months later the pain and improvement levels were the same!

Diet Amendment:
All of you: You know what? I did not even think about straining out the crunchy bits or just avoiding them. DAMNIT. Blonde moment! Gotta say I enjoyed the little croutonny things though! Haha.

I just wanted to remind everyone to be sure to include some potassium in their diets too! That's where a lot of ana/mia girls seem to be stuffing up. You need it if you want your heart to keep on track!    

And although sodium is the devil for bloating, it is important for helping to maintain blood pressure. I don't quite know how that works but I know a little bit is necessary every now and then. I am glad that you girls are reminding me to check the sodium content because I am pretty sure there was wayy too much to have more than one or two of them a day! 

I hope everyone has a great day - get out there and get skinny!



  1. Yeah your right, it comes down to cals vs fiber. I think I unintentionally go with both, having 1000 liquid cals on a 'fast' doesn't sit quite right with me. Although your tummy would still be nice and flat so maybe for maintenance? or sustenance before a special event wearing something tight? I say each to their own- make up your own rules! if you want yoghurt to be a liquid then go for it!
    Pain perception sounds interesting. Many of my artworks deal with the phenomenology of perception, I'd be curious to know if there's any reading you'd recommend that a novice would be able to comprehend?
    & there's a little blonde in us all :P Salt is both friend and foe, it seems to help if I'm having cramps (usually after too much exercise)... vinegar too- sometimes I wake up in the night craving vinegar if I've been restricting too much.. I've been known to drink it out of the bottle when it gets really bad!
    Keep up the great work- you'll be teeny tiny in no time! :) xxx

  2. Great post. And croutons are SO good! :)

  3. Hello my Sweet!

    Thanks for always answering my comments, you're a *star*!

    Drinking yog. in Aus:

    We have Yogi Sip by a company called DairyBelle. I'm not sure if we export to Aus.

    You're so right about the bowel flora. I've been on and off IBS diets since my early teens (tricky!) and I practically own shares at Lacto-Flora! I have more digestion problems than anyone I know! FML!

    Top tips to help ease bloating:
    1: Kelp. (also feeds thyroid/boosts metabolism and makes hair and nails grow. Yay!) Just make sure you're not iodine sensitive.

    2: Swedish Bitters (Herbaforce or Hilde Hemmes') Tastes like crap, that's how you know it's good for you! (also assists detox, alleviates hangover, eases headaches and certain types of arthritis etc.) Saved my life plenty of times!
    3: Avoid eating foods that cause bloating.
    This last one makes me wonder if there is actually anything left to eat!

    Best of luck with your tea detox. Hope you feel refreshed soon! X.