Thursday, October 7, 2010


I know a lot of people here have the "social calorie allowance" i.e., they fast and restrict but eat "normally" in public... I may have done that today with a scone in a meeting. Feeling a little naughty but it was delicious, and just with jam so no unhealthy cream etc.

I felt nice and thin this morning, which is good - with the salt cleanse I felt really bloated (although also clean and light, somehow), and so this is the first morning that I've had a flat tummy again. I think I read something about people being sure to take diuretics or cranberry juice if they use laxatives/do cleanses, can anyone help me out there?

I have work early tomorrow...  I am SO looking forward to watching movies tonight, going to bed at like 7 or 8 and getting some sleep! (Wooo I'm heaps cool guys!)

Cinnamon - that's so funny, the idea of avant-garde sushi eating. I love sushi - I can eat seaweed by itself! It's healthier with brown rice than white, etc. Lots of people don't like either the seaweed part of it or the raw-fish part of it; if you don't like the former try the rolls without seaweed and if you don't like the latter, you can probably try the cucumber/avocado options?

Maggie - yeah that's true, I just wanted to fast especially after having eaten the cheese and apricots the other day. But I didn't want to be shakey etc., in my speech! But a great reminder that at least the sushi side of it was healthy.

Oh yes, and welcome to my new followers =) Glad to have you onboard! 


  1. Hmmm... food for thought! Thanks K.!

    I hate eating in public. Daisy from 'Girl, Interrupted' was right, it is like taking a shit in front of strangers! When other people watch me eat, it makes me feel like a super-glutton! Issues, anyone?! Yikes!

    Have a great weekend, Babe! X.

  2. i don't really do the social eating thing, because i don't go out to eat a lot. if i do, i love playing the "i'm too broke to buy food, maybe i'll just munch on a side salad" or something.

    i've never done the saltwater cleanse before but i've heard all about it. did it work well for you? how did it go?

    think skinny!

  3. I'm the worlds most awkward eater in public. I fidget and constantly wipe my face because I feel like I have food on it. Not cute. So anyway, I'm not sure about taking diuretics with laxatives because that would just be extra dehydrating which is probably why you bloat to begin with. Drink more water right after a cleanse and the bloat should wear off quicker. Congrats on feeling thin, that's such a nice feeling. Sorry for the novel. Have a nice day love.


  4. haha, makes me wish I had access to sushi.
    I get shakey when I fast for too long :/

  5. i do the social eating thing. i hate myself for it. grr!
    keep up the goodwork babes. xxxx