Friday, October 15, 2010


Bleaaaaaaaaaaaargh. The knee injury that did me out of sports has flared up big time. I have been advised to rest, relax and eat healthily. I'm on pain killers galore and feeling SO tempted but I really don't want to have to binge/purge with the pain killers. If I could eat I'd have a dark green leafy salad with slices of pecorino cheese, and then some tuna. And some yoghurt for dessert.

Nomnomnom. Instead I'm going to go hobbling in search of drinking yoghurt.


  1. oh no! you poor thing!!!
    I hope you feel better soon- Stay strong! don't ruin your hard work! xxx

  2. Fuck, that sucks dick!!!

    I'm glad you're taking such a sensible approach and looking after your little 'kneezle'. Hope you got some nice pills! Feel better soon, Kitty-Kat!

  3. stay safe, hun! be careful "hobbling around" :)
    i'm on prescription meds too for other reasons now :/ i hope they dont mess us up too badly haha

  4. Aww, that stinks a ton. Feel better.