Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gosh girls where are you?!

I'm procrastinating. Update blogs, leave comments?! Or else I'll actually get stuff done tonight!!! *gasp* =)

A.S.: Probably not, it comes on after like 10 - 15 years of uncontrolled DMII. But go get a check up anyway, please?

Cinnamon: Haha no no I was just really confused. And you don't have Asperger's or you wouldn't be leaving such lovely comments on everyones blog =) (that's based on Asperger friends of mine and absolutely is not intended to upset anyone with it)



  1. Ah, thanks Kat!

    Guess the old bitch was right, I am just strange! Oh well, typical artist!

    I too am procrastinating. I have a master's degree in it! Gonna go take a shower now and get on with getting on with it! Don't work too hard. X.

  2. Oh boo I just finished writing a really nice comment on your last post! :/
    but I know what you mean though, only one thirtieth of my followers have commented on my last post! what the heck?? where did everyone go? :(

  3. Me again!
    You girls are right, it's far too fucking quite here in 'blogland'! I suspect that most of the followers are trying to get a bit of work done. I know I should be! Yeah, right! I'm off to bed. Nighty-nighty, sleepy-tighty! Catch you on the morrow. X

  4. sorry, life was calling :P Hope you got some work done!
    & to be honest I'm scared of doctors so chances are slim... I'm sure it's nothing... just an extra reason not to binge!
    Hope you're having a lovely day xxx