Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Naughty Miss K!

I was naughty. I binged on 2 x pork chops, 1 x subway chicken parmigiana wrap, some bread with jam, 1 x baked berry bar thing and purged. I then took my evening dose of meds... and a little tin of oysters, carrots dipped in natural yoghurt and some mixed raw unsalted nuts.

Damniiiiiiiiit I only made it 5 days without purging.

And now because I took my meds I can't purge the oysters, carrots, nuts so I have spoiled my solids fast. *sigh*

I am drinking some diuretic tea + laxative tea now so hopefully that'll help undo some of the damage.

The problem is I have bread left over, plus 2 minute noodles and the pecorino from a week or so ago that are sitting in the fridge tempting me! I kind of feel that because I binge/purged today I should just eat and throw up all that then I'll have a nice fridge and no temptations.

But that's silly because I have a little studio flat near a whole bunch of cafe's so even if the temptation is here or out there, it'll still be right under my nose.

Hmph. *sulks and drinks tea*

Best of luck lovelies.


  1. bin them babe- get them out of the fridge and into the bin!! you can do it :) don't worry about this little setback- tomorrow is a new day. In fact NOW is a new day hehe:) xxx

  2. Give them away- throw them out! GET THEM OUT OF YOUR REACH!!!! You can do this! You can stop the cycle- I know it looks grim now but we've all been there and you know as well as I do that once you get into the new routine it gets easier- you've just got to push through that first bit. I know you have the strength! You can do it! xxx

  3. oh no not pecorino! it's one of my faves :/
    lol kay for some reason i just thought of a really weird parallel: pretend "food porn" is actual porn.
    you may be tempted to look at it, even though you know it's bad, but you would NEVER partake in it.
    hope it helps hahah!!
    stay strong, you'll get over the binge monster.


    i say give away the food to a friend or something and hide ur money, i always say that if i spend any money on food i dont NEED then i have to give the same amount to someone i hate, for no reason, dollar for dollar. if that doesnt make u change ur mind then i dont know what will :P

  5. five days is still five days, so dont feel bad about that. maybe next time it will be six, and then seven.. until eventually you can live without it. :)