Saturday, October 2, 2010

Easy A

This is for you Sarah!

Also A.S., I emailed you.

Right, so, Easy A! Now to start off with, this happened to me at school. Well, actually, I was watching a movie with a friend and some guy was pulling a silly face and I said it looked like an orgasm face. My friend then said "oh, like you'd know", and I said "yeah, I would". I was 13. Then the so-called friend spread to everyone that I'd had sex at 12 years old, and people believed HER!... so yeah school was interesting.

But that aside, I enjoyed the movie.  It's kind of a Mean Girls/St Trinian's vibe to it, the supporting older male actors definitely steal the show though, IMHO. The main actress kind of annoyed me with her mannerisms though, like that chick from Juno - very oh I'm so sarcastic look at me be sarcastic "says something sarcastic". If that makes sense... which it probably doesn't?! Still, I enjoyed it.

Ate popcorn. (Didn't finish it!) ... ate some more mettwurst at home *guilty face*. I did have a lovely night with the girls though!

Right now my plan is to do the lemon detox diet next week, and then after that try the baby food diet. My initial response to A.S.'s suggestion was omg who'd want to do that I mean there's no fibre in it at all and it'd probably taste gross. Then I researched it a little!

I think it would be quite feasible to do well on this kind of a diet, if you chose one veggie based (with protein source too) and one fruit based dish a day, aside from which you had a fibre supplement (whether artificial or natural, whatever) mixed into juice or milk. Or a few more dishes, depending on how many calories of intake are required. I think it would be a great way of keeping the servings small and reasonably cheap, but also pre-measured. And these look kinda yum. I guess?


  1. Good on you for not finishing the popcorn! :) I'm glad you enjoyed your night out.
    All the best of luck with the lemon detox! I hope it tastes good.

  2. whattt? i love ellen page in juno. yipes. glad you put down the popcorn. good job. lemme know how the lemon detox goes. stay strong, lovely.

  3. heyy decided to follow since we're about the same weight range and both live in aus :) hope you're doing well stay strong xo

  4. k, soooo basically this is the recipe:

    2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon. Do not use concentrate or a drink mix, as these contain preservatives.
    2 tablespoons of Organic or natural maple syrup. I might use honey cause I like it better and i'm out of maple syrup...unless i stick to it and buy some.
    1/10th of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, more or less to taste.

    i'm starting on monday!
    thanks bunches!
    Xxoxox let me know hw it goes or if anyone else wants to join (5 days)