Monday, October 25, 2010

I have definitely noticed a reduction in hunger

Which is good, because when I emotional eat I'm like hmmm kinda hungry kinda bored why not. But now it's just the kinda bored part, which is easier to deal with. I think I've noticed a bit more energy today too! (This is with Reductil, if anyone is signing in now) Actually speaking of which - welcome to my new follower =)

Loulou - haha I did the whole shaved head for cancer thing in January and I have like nooooo hair! So be thankful for the hair you have :P. I think fairy lights are always a gorgeous addition to a room, it reminds me of winter and rainy days and green trees .

Cinnamon - very good point! I guess so? Maybe a tablespoon or two of bicarb before and after a binge before purging?

A.S. - I am most certainly! Trying to get my tan on - and hoping my hair grows faster!! So will you get the hoodia after quarantine is finished with it? Is it not available in Australia? Backing was pulled due to the fact that people with pre-existing heart problems experienced further heart problems (it increases your body's basal metabolic rate, including heart rate, which is obviously a problem for people with bad hearts) that were worse than the weight loss would have benefited them. If that makes sense? No you don't get away so easily m'dear :P If you are overdue for the doctors, go there! I think it should take minimum 1 hour to go away with diabetes, if not longer. If they think it is anxiety just talk about stress from work/home/thinking about kids/etc to cover up the food thing (i.e. just say that you notice it is around meals when you are stressed)....

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!!

xx Kat


  1. Makes sense but people without heart conditions should be able to take it shouldn't they?
    I'm getting there- I just hate doctors, I'm scared of them. I know it's irrational but true. I've had many bad experiences and I have no regular doctor because they all keep leaving! I signed up for register 4 yesterday- that was a big step for me.
    Nope- there's two lots of them that they confiscated, they finally got one through that was mixed with caffeine though lol It's a banned substance in au- oops!

  2. that's awesome. it's always nice to have energy. i've zero these days but it's my own fault. silly me. stay strong, darling.

  3. Ah, yes! So glad you're noticing some of the better side effects, you know? It's always nice to start getting some of the benefits faster.
    Good luck today!
    stay superstrong <3