Sunday, October 3, 2010

Salt Cleanse

New rule - if I am silly enough to binge/purge, I may as well do a salt cleanse after, so at least to gain something constructive from the whole thing.

I had a bit of a giggle just now - I was beating myself up for eating what I thought was a full-sized container of chickpeas cooked with tomato and some herbs earlier today; was just putting away the dishes when I realised it was actually about half of the size of a normal container. Which makes me feel a bit better!!

I am also dying for a new tattoo! And can't wait to get to 70kg to get my nose (nostril) pierced... yay!



  1. Thats great news! I love it when little things like that can make things seem so much brighter.
    I like the new look by the way
    Stay strong and you'll be at 70 in no time! :) xxx maybe even WE will?

  2. I cant wait to get to 70kgs either I havnt got anything to reward myself with I havnt thought of that really.
    I've tried the salt water cleanse so many times but can never bring myself to finish it all >.<

  3. good job on rewarding yourself:)
    i cant wait to cleanse tomorrow....
    lol it is so true that we anas have a weird opinion about wait is a "normal" portion :P