Friday, October 1, 2010


I couldn't resist the apricots this morning. I had about a handful of them and an apple for breakfast. For lunch I had some (surprisingly low fat + carbs) mettwurst + finished off some mozzarella (yeah my macedonian roots are showing with the meat and cheese).

Today I may go to the movies, in which case I'll have some diet soda and popcorn but I think I've eaten enough for today. I kind of wish I had extended the fast right through, but I guess studies do show if you eat in excess some days - i.e. alternate days or every third day etc, your metabolism runs faster (i.e. you eat, it goes into fat-burning mode, then it's still in that mode and gradually slows down until you eat again).

Thanks for your support Miss A.S.!

xx Kat


  1. Anytime my dear- I'd love to be your diet buddy :) thanks for the suggestion!
    No stress about the apricots, they're good for you (in small doses). Your intake doesn't sound too bad and since you've eaten you'll have more self control in the movies, you should be able to have a little popcorn vs the whole thing.
    Don't worry about ending the fast, everything in moderation! Your right about the metabolism thing, switching it up is supposed to get the best results, zig zag-ing calories like ABC and SGD. I can't wait to start that in Nov... want to join me?

  2. Hey, it's good that you're making healthy choices when you eat :)
    Hey I'm doing a 5-day lemon cleanse starting monday, would you like to do it with me? i'm just using a simple internet recipe.
    let me know in a post or comment!