Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's tempting me. I know I said I wouldn't eat on the weekends but I feel like I need to make up for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. To eat or not to eat? I don't particularly want to purge watermelon - it seems like a waste. Although twice the taste, minimised calories?! (That's a dark joke but a joke nonetheless, in case anyone doesn't get my bizarre sense of humour)

Thank you for your lovely comments, A.S. and Cinnamon! You girls keep me motivated!



  1. Anytime sweety- I missed you too! (I don't think thats too weird is it?)
    I vote you have a drink, wait 30 mins and if you still want it eat a small amount. Don't purge it- it's so few calories and you won't enjoy it as much.
    I'm putting some thought into the about me post- I started writing but its all so honest and scary! I'm not sure I can do it :S maybe I could email you a copy before I publish it and see what you think?
    Stay strong xxx

  2. whenever something is tempting me, i force myself to wit 15 minutes then i chew some gum.
    sometimes s doesnt work obviously, but thats just a suggestion:) then again, it's just watermelon, better than craving italian chocolate 24/7 like i do!!
    good luck hun

  3. Oh, that's hilarious! I laughed like a mad hyena!

    I must say, watermelon is not one of my favs. It's so sugary and tasteless. Amazing how wonderfully different we all are!

    I felt like a little dessert, so I'm tucking into a little cup of blueberries. They're so cute and scrummy, they remind me of something you'd have at a fairy picnic! I'm such an oddball!

    Hope the rest of your weekend goes well. X.