Monday, October 11, 2010

So a woman in Australia will be charged for having an abortion... In this day and age?!

How awful. Whatever your personal view is, I urge everyone to sign this - abortion is a personal choice and it should always be an option.

Australian women - please sign this petition.


  1. I'm feeling very lucky to be living in victoria. I can't believe they haven't changed the laws yet. It's a horrible decision to be faced with but it should at least be your decision!!!

  2. i'm in the u.s. and abortion is a huge issue here.. protestors gather around women's clinics (where you can get abortions) and verbally abuse the women coming and going, they have awful signs with pictures of dead children.. it's horrible. i totally agree with you though, it's a personal choice, not the government's choice.

  3. oh yea i looked at demographics and the laws totally change for each province huh?? its awful, just awful.
    the us is basically split in haf on the issue, and it seems to me like we're just going backwards in time.
    i am so glad i am moving back to europe next year.

  4. Kat
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I will definitely e-mail you in the future! Oh and I signed this petition, because while I'm choosing to keep my baby, I had an abortion before and I believe ultimately it's a woman's choice.
    Thanks again for your comment, love.

    - Elle

  5. Can you believe it? It's like the 'Dark Ages' all over again. What's next, a witch hunt? If so, I wonder what I'll wear to my burning? Maybe nylon! Ha! I support every woman's right to choose! X.

  6. Hey Kat,

    Thanks for your support. It always thrills me to know someone is reading and rooting for me. And I will be rooting for you, too. Binges happen, so don't beat yourself up too terribly. Better to just keep on keeping on.

    I had a pregnancy scare recently. Not sure what my choice would have been, but I am so grateful that I had the option to abort floating around in the back of my mind.

    <3 Eva

  7. I have mixed feelings on this issue. I do support a woman's right to choose, and I think demonizing or legislating against women who have abortions will just force them to back-alley clinics where they risk disease, unqualified "doctors" etc.

    BUT, I also believe that if the authorities / medical profession are going to give women this choice, then they have a responsibility to also give them the facts so that their choice can be informed. When I was pregnant, I was assured that the procedure would be physically painless for me (I had cramping for weeks afterwards), as well as for the baby (I later found out the nervous system develops in a foetus at 7 weeks - my abortion was at 9 weeks), and emotionally uncomplicated (I would cry uncontrollably in public whenever I saw a baby, became clinically depressed, tried to take my life, and three years on, still have nightmares about the baby). And I know many women do emerge from an abortion unscathed, but I also know I'm not the only woman who's had a really bad experience with it. While I take full responsibility for what I did, if they had given me *any* indication what effect an abortion would potentially have on my life I would likely have chosen differently.

    Give women a choice, by all means, but be honest in giving it to them.

    (Not directly related to the petition, I realise, just a related thought giving a different perspective...)