Saturday, October 2, 2010

You know what?

I am so glad I am on this site with supporters.

Normally, after having screwed up and binge/purged once, I would probably then just say screw it and binge and purge again, using it as an excuse to eat some foods that I wouldn't normally allow.

However, as you say A.S. this is a new hour. When I was reading that I was scoffing the rest of the apricots, but I put them down (I had had probably two handfuls) and have decided to do a salt-water cleanse while my stomach isn't too full. I think if I do the cleanse now it'll make it easier for me to do them during the week as there will be less waste, so uni will be affected less.

So yeah, instead of destructively binging and purging again, I will now constructively do a salt-water cleanse.

I'm actually feeling a lot better now about my day.

So thanks =)



  1. I know how the process goes all to well, eat something bad, then oh well eat some more. But something had to break it, something has to snap you back. I'm very glad you didn't take my comment the wrong way :)
    & I don't know how full your stomach is but maybe wait a couple of hours till its really empty? I've heard some bad stories about people that have done it with food in them.

  2. screw food :/

    you have a thing with apricots dont you?

    i am taking laxies tonight...