Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I want all the weight to melt off me

I have had some of that 3 willow tea, some orange pekoe tea, 2 x cups of coffee with milk, water, orange juice and 1.5L water with low cal iced tea cordial. I'm not at all hungry and I feel alert. I have noticed the dry mouth side effect though!! It's just making me drink more though, which is a win - all in all!

Sarah, AnorexicMedic, thanks for commenting =) It's nice to know people are listening!! (/reading...)

Zette - it's coming into winter soon for you though, right? You have an excuse to be lethargic!! (But you won't be, cos your better than that)

Molly - yeah I was really worried I was going to get dodgy pills or something but having noticed all the side-effects I found on the internet, I'm taking that to mean the pills are what I ordered, lol.

A.S. - I know right! But lots of people have conditions that they don't know about, and some people don't understand that high blood pressure is really serious and so they don't take their meds and then if they're overweight and they find this drug that works well in increasing metabolic rate, suppressing appetite, that can lead to serious complications... so I guess that's why. But it's stupid! I'm healthy, athletic, young, my blood pressure is low if anything... and I can't buy it in the chemist! Did you get the hoodia coffee?

Good on you for signing up to Register4!

For all you Aussie girls - I would encourage you to sign up to Register4! It's research into breast cancer.

xx Kat

PS: I've been naughty with my solids fast lately (other than today), sneaking in tuna, baked beans, raw mixed nuts, and salted pistachios (diff things on diff days) - but I am going for today to be liquids only, tomorrow the same, and then Friday I will weigh myself *gulp*. Another uni lunch/meeting - they organised it at a cafe, ffs! I'm tossing up between pigging out a little (i.e. socially acceptable level) and then purging, although I don't know how long it'll be (under 2 hours) or just eating something healthy. The problem is this place really doesn't have much in the way of healthy. >.<

Wish me luck for my friday weigh-in! (If I don't post before then, lol)


  1. Nah, I ended up getting the hoodia mixed with caffeine and a bunch of herbal stuff I forget. They worked but I couldn't sleep and got wicked bad nausea and a constant upset stomach. Not really worth it in the long run. Nice work on your intake! & the past is in the past just keep going in the right direction- you can do it! Good luck with your weigh in! xxx

  2. yes ma'am, winter will be here soon. sorry you don't have many healthy choices. that must be frustrating. you seem to like tea as much as i do. i drink it plain though, sometimes with a teaspoon of honey. my sweet tooth is ridiculous. oh well. good luck for the weigh-in. i'm sure it'll be a success. stay strong, darling.

  3. Bring some fruit with you maybe? I hate going out to cafe's for all the carbs they offer. =/ At least there will be coffee.

  4. Kat, good luck on your weigh in! But it sounds like you're doing a great job and won't need to depend on luck.

    You're right about the ED as a coping mechanism. It's obviously about weight for me, but I do find that I need it. That is somewhat worrying. But I have to deal with getting skinny first!

    <3 Eva