Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hey lovelies, thanks for all your kind words =)

My stomach hurts with all the different drugs I am not now. On Cinnamon's suggestion I bought some meal replacement shake powder and by golly gumdrops that's amazing. I was embarrassed to be looking at that shelf so I just grabbed the first one I saw instead of comparing the different calories etc in them, so mine is pretty high in cals but oh well!

Today I have eaten six of these Italian dish style things, rice and vegies in a sort of batter/crumbing. Hugely not so good for you but I drank the laxative, diuretic tea and to be honest, it kind of cheered me up to have a little binge. I also ate 2 x small tins of tuna, some dried apricots and some pecorino cheese, as well as the meal replacement shakes, x2.

I have a regime of tablets to take which sucks and makes my stomach upset (and yes, I know the laxative, diuretic teas wouldn't be helping), so I think my goal through this stage will be first and foremost protecting my stomach - i.e. calorie intake and absolutely no purging until I'm off the meds.

Hello and welcome to my new followers =)

Comment replies:
"I feel great":
A.S. - I have THE most bizarre cravings too sometimes! I went through a vinegar phase too! Although once I had wayy too much and well *cue nausea, vomiting*

Sarah: yes they are, aren't they! I'd never really appreciated them before but I think if I am forced into going out for a meal I'm going to order a dish with croutons. Yup.

Cinnamon: Excellent suggestions. I think when I have finished with the teas + meal replacement shakes, I am going to make juice/shakes with various herbs etc. The bloating link is useful but I think it's important to differentiate between bad bloating - i.e. sorbitol, lactose vs good bloating with fibre, which will lead to bloating at the time related to the bowel motions but once it's been excreted the stomach should be flatter than before.

A.S., Cinnamon, Skinny Business: Thanks for your thoughts =)

Miana - I am so not happy about having to take a billion and one meds a day - and yeah, I'm hoping my weight loss doesn't get too messed up! I'm on valium, amongst other things and given my work outs are usually quite strength based I'm worried about the impact the muscle relaxant properties will have... *sigh*.

Have a lovely Saturday all!



  1. Hope you're feeling better soon! Take care xxx

  2. ok i gotta say that u amaze me for putting off sex until a set weight. once i saw that i decided that it would be good motivation for me as well!
    good luck with the meal replacements and the meds!

  3. Sorry to hear you're still feeling shitty :(
    I think eating a bit more is better if you're on meds. Helps line the stomach and all. Smart Kitty!

    I must agree about the bloating, best to choose the lesser of two evils! Having IBS means that just saying the word 'bloat' can cause bloating! Like Queen Victoria said, "we are not amused"!

    Enjoy the meal replacements, rest well and feel better soon.XXX.